May Addict Winner!
By Kickntrue on 5/26/09
It pays to be an oobolf Addict, just ask Steven Goldstein the winner of a dozen new Pro V1's from Titlist and some oobgolf gear.

Steven is the one in the middle- and he just couldn't stand to enjoy his moment in the sun alone, so he's joined by his wife and daughter.

Thanks for everyone who joined Addict in May as well as those who joined Addict in it's first month. We'll be announcing our next Addict-only giveaway in the next day or two, so stayed tuned.

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Ed Men says:
Congratulations Steven! Hit'em Straight!
Mookie says:
And if you don't, play on a course I play on, so I can find your ProV1s when I go hunting for my errant shots.
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