oobgolf Turns 3!
By Kickntrue on 7/31/09
August 1st is oobgolf's 3rd birthday. It's tough to believe sometimes. What started as a small project to code a site to track our own personal golf stats has turned into one of the largest golf social networks in the world. We're really proud of what we've accomplished and someday we're going to take a vacation but it hasn't happened this summer. Fortunately you guys are taking vacations for us and playing a ton of golf and entering scores as you go. We really appreciate you guys because we would having nothing but a shell of a site if you didn't come back time and time again. Keep sending us your feedback and suggestions. We want to keep improving the overall product that is oobgolf and you absolutely help guide us in that journey.

Thanks again for everything! We're looking forward to another great year!

Kevin & Andrew

PS- feel free to write sappy "love the site" posts below, but if you really want to thank us ... :)

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Banker85 says:
Just started using oob golf, will be an addict soon (already addicted to golf i think i have a problem, or is it passion?) Anyways awesome site have recommended to about ten people so far and all of them LOVE the site. Keep up the GREAT work guys!
Clint24 says:
Happy Birthday oob.
kidputter says:
And to think. It seems like only yesterday we had to do all this on our own. Now our baby is growing up. OK so it's YOUR baby but I feel like an uncle. Or at least the weird cousin no one wants to talk about.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks again, boys.
Kickntrue says:
@kidputter- I think that makes Merlin2Driver the Godfather of oob.
Lerxst says:
HPPYBDY - Have a drink on me (cuz lord knows Ive had plenty tonight).
Lexus Keoninh says:
falcon50driver says:
I love you man....wait I'm not drunk yet.
KVSmith59 says:
Happy Birthday...now take a few days off
nickmomrik says:
Excellent site guys. Keep up the good work!
ATEglauer says:
Just posted this in the forum ... I guess many might notice it here, though! hehehe
Happy Birthday, oobgolf! I really enjoy the site!!
greendevil says:
Happy Birthday oob; love the site. Yes, definitely take a few days off; you guys deserve it.
ncramsey83 says:
Congrats guys!!! Great job. Love the site. I have been traveling a fair amount this summer and everyone I get paired with asks me what I'm doing with my Iphone in between holes. I am always more than happy to show off this wonderful site and show them all the features. Next thing you know I'm writing down the site on their scorecard (now that I have no use for a hard copy of a scorecard anymore)!!! Keep up the great work.
Kickntrue says:
Awww... thanks for the post GolfGirl!
Matt F says:
Happy birthday Oob. Great site from the functionality to the people (both admin and users.

NickMdet says:
YAYYYY HAPI BURFDAE!! I WANT CAKE NOW. Love oob guys, talk about all the time, thanks for all you do
CDS2008 says:
Happy Birthday OOB!!
DRUMatthias says:
I signed up just in time to celebrate with the OOBers (not goobers)! I love braggin about this site to all those I rub golf elbows with in scrambles & out on the fairways with friends. Hope to use this awesome site & rely on this great community for many more OOBirthdays to come! BIG CONGRATS to all those that started & continue to technically support this amazing 3-dub golf site!
Icymint says:
So much done in such a very short time. Happy Birthday OOB....and thanks so much for all that you have done.
rricker81 says:
Happy birthday oobgolf! Don't know where I would be without ya! Trying to get as many golf buddies on here as possible and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work guys!
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