Jason McNeill is now Q-Linked
August Addict Winner
By Kickntrue on 9/16/09
It pays to be an oobolf Addict, just ask Jason McNeill and Ryan Teague, winners of this past month's drawing for Q-Link pendants.

I know some of you thought the Q-Links were a little hocus-pocus but for every one of you is another person who swears by them. At any rate- I guess we can have Jason and Ryan let us know. The crazy things cost $100 each so they have to be awesome, right?

Thanks for everyone who joined Addict in August and early September as well as those who joined Addict in it's first months. We'll be announcing our next Addict-only giveaway in the next day or two, so stayed tuned.

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activesense says:
OK Q-link winners, we expect a dramatic improvement in your scores. We are watching you....
bducharm says:
Darn it - the voices were wrong!!! BUT they continue...
activesense says:
I hear the voices too. They say I am going to win the next giveaway. I hope it's a 3-way head cover clip, to keep the covers for my woods in check. I have one on my amazon wishlist, but Xmas and birthday are 3 and 9 months away. Some ankle length golf socks would be nice too.
falcon50driver says:
Hmmm..ankle length golf sox... I was thinking more along the lines of the Texas Lotto, which is now over 50 million. Maybe I set my sights a little too high.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@bducharm: Silly goose, it's not the voices - it's the mysterious second course marshal on the grassy knoll!
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