Should we go back to this logo?
10,000,000 Holes Played
By Kickntrue on 10/5/09
The oobgolf community has now logged over 10M holes played. Don't ask me to calculate how much work production lost that equals. If I did- your boss may kill me.

The coolest part is- based on our growth and number of rounds played, we'll be at 20M soon.

Thanks so much guys! You Rock!

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greendevil says:
Cool logo. Yeah, I prob like this one better.

By the way, how many members is oobgolf up to now?
mschad says:
I like that logo. I vote yes.
When did you replace it with the current one?
Kickntrue says:
@mschad- pre-launch 3 years ago.
cheymike says:
I like this logo better because on the current one, it looks like there is a letter missing from a longer word.
bducharm says:
Love the old logo...go back!!!
Banker85 says:
id have to say stick with what you got but they both work.
TheBrownCrayon says:
I like the current one but largely because I felt really smart when I realized that the b was angled to look like a club.
joepro23 says:
Sorry, but I couldn't resist doing the calculations...

10,000,000 holes played = 555,555 rounds of 18-hole golf. Multiply that by 4.5 hours ("average" pace of play for an 18 hole round) = 2,500,000 hours golfing. That also equals 104,166 days or 285 years of golf. Wow!

It would be cool if we could see a breakdown of some other collective stats that have been kept. How many total aces (not net of course) on oob? Double eagles? Alcoholic drinks? Miles played?
Minjin52 says:
Current logo with a capital... Oobgolf. This may help to mitigate the "missing" letter complex others have mentioned. It also makes the hole larger than the ball, which at least gives us a chance to make birdie!
dooboo says:
Congrats to all the Oobers' contribution to 10M holes played.

Now, how many ACES hsa Oobers' recorded out of 10M holes played?
Kickntrue says:
@dooboo- here is a list of Aces from last summer. I'm sure this list is at the very least doubled. It would take us awhile to pull it- but we should do that sometime.
dooboo says:
@kickntrue -Thanks for the list.

Now I just need to find a way to get on that list. :)
Dee Kelly - imeeGOLF says:
Congrats on gettin to 10m... that is a huge achievement!! As for the logo - I like the old logo as it protrays to the audience that your are all about golf without having to read it - I like the images involved in it and in my opinion it definatly stands out more! But changing the logo may confuse your present fans/customers. You would be better choosing one and sticking to it this time...
Ben Crane says:
Seems like "Oob" should be the lefty site and "Oop" for the righties. Oopgolf - I like the sound of that.
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