Mark's excited, are you?
TaylorMade Forum Winner
By Kickntrue on 11/20/09
Congrats to Mark Schad for being the first to answer my question in the forums. He wins a TaylorMade SPEED STICK. I know what you're asking. What question? I missed a contest? You sure did.

So- yes. This is a cheap shot by oobgolf, shameless begging you to check out our forums and be more active in them. We already have about 5 prizes lined up for more of these and they get better each time.

Thanks to TaylorMade for donating a TaylorMade TR3 SPEED STIK ($139)
•650 gram SPEED STIK overloads the swing, developing golf muscles for strength and speed
•Speed Meter measures swing speeds from 60 to 140 MPH delivering instant swing feedback
•46" inch length promotes a flatter swing plane that corrects steep out-to-in or over-the-top swings
•New tapering grip area allows for a multi-compound grip that delivers maximum traction under high speeds
•Safety grip cap prevents slippage
•Alignment Arrows allow the SPEED STIK to be used as an alignment aid while practicing
•New Collapsible design allows for easy storage in your golf bag, locker or luggage while traveling
•Diamond Ripstop nylon pouch for SPEED STIK storage
This prize is awesome for a couple reasons. besides the obvious, learning about your swing and getting better, can't you just see the side bets between Mark and his buddies to see who can swing the thing the hardest?

The moral of the story. Check the forums. Use the forums. Be a winner.

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Alan Ellis says:
I didn't answer because I thought the prize was a *Mennen* Speed Stick.
activesense says:
CRAP i was in work all day with no oob access
Oak says:
Congrats Mark.

Did TaylorMade buy the rights/company of the original Speed Stik or did their patent run out?

I'm hoping one of my favs was also up there, Erica Blasberg. Would like to see her get a top 10 in 2010. Her and Paula look as if the could be sisters. Some of the others are talented and smokin as well but just too tall for moi. I'm only 5'11" and the thought of feeling like mini-me next to one of those tall girls in stilettos does kill the dream somewhat.
mschad says:
I am anxious to try this. Please give TaylorMade my sincere thanks.
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