Mizuno MP-T10 Winner!
By Kickntrue on 11/30/09
Cross Jeremy Heslop off your Christmas shopping list- he's already won a new Mizuno MP-T10 60 degree wedge from oobgolf! Jeremy's caption may not have been the best, (I personally liked a couple others better), but it was good enough to win the drawing. I'm actually happy for Jeremy. He's one of our best commentators and is always participating around all parts of oobgolf.

Thanks for everyone who participated (88 comments over a holiday weekend!) and please keep checking back for more great giveaways.

Here is a picture of Jeremy, rubbing in his victory!

A special thanks to Mizuno for providing the awesome prize!

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Banker85 says:
so it was just random drawing? you should give away another wedge for the best caption.
Backquak says:
yeah, give away another for the best caption. as long as its mine.
Backquak says:
oh yeah, congrads, Jeremy
Swingem says:
Damn, I was keeping my fingers crossed since I left my 58 degree Vokey by the 18th green yesterday.
k-von says:
I liked the Tijuana caption the best. No offense, but I'd rank Jeremy's in the 80's.
Swingem, same thing happened to me this summer. I was explaining that to one of the crew at a different course and he gave me a better 58* vokey as a replacement, gratis. Coolest thing ever. I guess you could say I pulled a Heslop.
Kickntrue says:
@backquak- blame USA sweepstake and giveaway laws.
mschad says:
Congrats Jeremy, hope you enjoy that wedge as much as I would have ;-)
jeremyheslop says:
I couldn't believe it when I got the email this morning. My partner and a friend sitting around me thought I was joking when I said I just won it. They thought I had pulled up a 419 Nigerian email scam for winning a golf club lol

Thanks oobgolf!
jeremyheslop says:
Oh and mschad you already won something (so no crying ;), but yes I'm sure I will enjoy it! This would go so sweet with the monthly drawing of the Mizuno 1000s. Drool

Oh and I would have thought harder if it was ranked on the best comment. Being random I just posted first thing to come to mind. Many of the posts were awesome and I enjoyed reading ever one. oobers have the best sense of humor!
windowsurfer says:
I thought the caption was the funniest. It was also the oob-est, cuz it gave a golf opinion as well as a punchline. oob-on, bro.
kidputter says:
Way to go, Jeremy. I forgot to mention this. The entry fee into the Virtual Tournament is a Mizuno MP-T10 60 degree wedge.
Mjw71772 says:
Well congrats to lucky winner Jeremy. Hope you enjoy the sticks. Play well.
jeremyheslop says:
lol kidputter! then if I win the tourney I can win it back? :)
Chosen12b says:
man! i'm so envious! :)
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