Ian looking "excited." I should send a dictionary.
TaylorMade Forum Winner
By Kickntrue on 12/9/09
Congrats to Ian Crates for being the first to answer my question in the forums. He wins a TaylorMade Pure-Lite Stand Bag ($150 value).

So- yes. This is a cheap shot by oobgolf, shameless begging you to check out our forums and be more active in them. We've given away 3 prizes in the past few weeks and there may be more to come. All I know is the prizes are getting better each time.

Thanks to TaylorMade for providing the Pure-Lite Stand Bag ($150)
* Six-way top with new integrated handle and full-length shaft dividers
* Seven pockets including velour-lined valuables pocket and insulated water bottle sleeve pocket
* EVA foam ergonomically correct shoulder straps with velour lining
* FAST accessory compatible
* Intergrated bottom trunk handle
* TPR Comfort Handle
* Bungee towel cord
* Anti-slip actuator
The hardest part about giving this bag away... is giving this bag away. I don't think you guys understand how hard it is to watch all of this cool gear go right past your eyes and out the door. Kevin and my job is HARD!

The moral of the story. Check the forums. Use the forums. Be a winner.

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KVSmith59 says:
jeez...I'm a forum freak and never even saw the post. Where are you putting all of these contest posts????
jeremyheslop says:
KV, All over the place! I found it late as well.
jeremyheslop says:
Oh and Good job Ian! He search for 14min in the archives to find the answer :)
activesense says:
thanks jeremy, I remember reading about college football somewhere in the forum and I did a site search and there was the post. Yippee!!
Sorry about the pic, I am not much of a computer wiz and it's the only pic of myself that I could find on the computer. Once I have a better, more "excited" picture I will win some more stuff and send that one in.
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