Tom Coyne Book Winners
By Kickntrue on 1/27/10
Two lucky oob winners now own a book. HAHA... They have to read! Congratulations to Backquak and Trip! They will each be receiving a copy of Tom Coynes book, A Course Called Ireland.

If you missed our Q & A with Tom last week- check it out HERE.

Now that the rest of you are confirmed losers (sorry, that just felt right) you can buy the book HERE.

Thanks for everyone who left a comment and as always stayed tuned for more oobgolf giveaways. Actually- stay extra-tuned since we're at the PGA Show in Orlando since it's pretty much Swagsville for Kevin and I. It's not like we can keep everything to ourselves.

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Backquak says:
Yeah!!! I won something! I won something! Wait a minute, this is a book that will make me want to play more golf, isn't it. I sure hope the forward has a secret hypnosis trick for my wife. "you are getting very sleepy. You want your husband to play more golf. The smell of freshly cut grass turns you on." Boy, I sure hope thats in the book. If its not, maybe we should write one. I think it just might be a best seller.
Trip says:
Sweet! This will be a great warm-up to the start of the season... It's snowing right now so golf was the last thing on my mind, now I'm browsing the web for a new driver! Thanks oobgolf!
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