Bridgestone Contest Winners
By Kickntrue on 2/12/10
Thanks to the 15 or so people who sent in pictures in an attempt to win Bridgestone Golf's new B330-RX golf balls. They don't come out until next month but our six winners will have them sooner (assuming I can get to a post office, which I will make a diligent effort to do!). The winners were picked based on what seemed like a little more effort, with the except of the last one- which just won on cuteness. That isn't to say I didn't like the ones that weren't picked... it's just that only 6 people could win. As far as the few pictures I didn't post... come on guys, you shouldn't send those kind of pictures to anyone (unless they own 1/2 of your nightly bed).


If I had to pick an overall winner it would be the last one, from JakeIsbill which was the only one to include a pleading message longer than a sentence.
"Hello my name is Annabelle. I just started playing golf last month. I had a really slow swing speed, because I'm and infant, but I have been drinking milk and getting stronger. My Daddy, jakeisbill, loves your website and has entered many scores online. I would say that he is an oobgolf addict. Anyway my handicap has been dropping and I would like to use a better ball than this Almost Golf ball, it is great for teething but does not go very far."
Sorry folks... that's going to win every time.

Still Very Lovely

Special Thanks to for providing the balls!

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windowsurfer says:
Thanks! I just bought some Nike One Vapor, which are supposed to be "the same, but cheaper". I will compare.
Bryan K says:
I knew there was something I was forgetting to do this week!

Oh well...I concur on the ultimate winner. Very cute, indeed.
activesense says:
Thanks Oobgolf! I will report back when I get chance to try them. Another 2 months of snow and ice on the ground here in Minnesota.
Clint24 says:
@Activesense, you up north or down here in Alabama? This weather is killing us down here. We always want a good snow or something, and we've had a record (atleast it seems like) amount of different snow storms and we're all sick of it. Vancouver should come down here and take our snow away! I'm sick of having high school golf practice in this 35-40* weather with 15-20 MPH winds. I know this is nothing to you guys up north, but this is rediculous down here. WAR EAGLE!
falcon50driver says:
We'd like to see the other two pictures.
activesense says:
@clint 35-40* is golfing weather for us. We wear shorts when the dial shows above freezing. But even for us northerners it comes as a shock when the extreme cold first arrives, then the blood thickens after about 2 weeks and we settle in for 3 months below freezing. We got some pretty good snow as usual, but not as bad as those folks out on the Atlantic coast recently.
Mookie says:
From the Atlantic coast here, in suburban D.C. -- We've had 42 inches in the last 13 days, just after the Dec. 19 storm of 17 inches was finally gone. Since Nov. 29, I've managed to get to a range once, when it was 47 one day in January.
dottomm says:
Thanks OOB. I'm playing at Silverado Country Club with my Father for his birthday next weekend. I hope the new balls arrive in time. I think I'm actually going to beat him this year! Thanks again!
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