The Envelope Please
By Kickntrue on 3/2/10
Finally- the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of the signed John Daly Slix underwear (plus 10 others who should be pumped!).

Yes, you read that right... Slix agreed to let us pull 10 winners (up from 5) to receive free underwear. It won't be signed, but it'll probably be the most comfortable thing you've ever had next to your ... jeans.

First... we'll start with the 10 second prize winners. I'll be sending an email to each of you for your address and size. If you don't see it in your inbox today, it probably got stuck in your SPAM filter (bastards) so reach out to me.

The Lucky 10!

Ben Crane

Congrats to you 10!

And now...

After going back and finding the comment from our big winner- I'm a little torn. This will be the 2nd autograph he has from John Daly so that part won't be new to him. On the flip side, at least he's a legit Daly fan.

WallyWorld, aka Mark Marcinkiewicz, from Illinois is our big winner. I reached out to Mark this morning and he couldn't be more thrilled. He wanted to thank Slix and John Daly for taking the time to do this and he says the underwear will be framed and put somewhere in his lair by the Masters flag he has signed by Daly already!

I'd like to echo Mark's sentiment and thanks Slix and John for letting us do this little gag! Please check out Slix and considering buying some underwear. I know I'm going to and I look forward to the vast upgrade over the 3 pack specials I'm used to wearing!

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MJKern44 says:
I'm devastated...Oh well, back to following John around with my pants down to my ankles and a sharpie!!!!!!!!
mmontisano says:
@MJKern44: YIKES!!!!
bducharm says:
A WINNER!!! I NEVER win these things - thanks!!!
mjaber says:
Sweet... Now I don't have to go commando every day.
falcon50driver says:
mjkern44, I hope the "sharpie" you are referring to is the kind that you can buy at an office supply store, and not a description of ....well never mind.
Clint24 says:
It was rigged. Just kiddin, congrats (i guess) guys
munk24 says:
Damn, lost again, maybe ill win the Megamillions tonite!!!!!
Panerai111 says:
Banker85 says:
hahaha! awesome i cant wait!
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