James S. Nanney- Author/Addict
OGIO Golf Bag Winner
By Kickntrue on 3/25/10
I had a bit of an adventure tracking down our OGIO Golf Bag Addict winner, but I did- and it turns out he's kind of a big deal. See- the email address I have on file for James Nanney is from Earthlink, which is notorious for pretty much blocking all emails. I'm actually not sure how anyone with an Earthlink email ever gets any mail, but anyway... So I'm emailing, private messaging, doing whatever I can- and I don't hear from him. Fortunately I did have his name and a basic location (from his Addict purchase) so I typed his name into Google and the search was on.

It turns out James S. Nanney is a pretty renowned historian and author. I'd go out on a limb and guess he has more books published and available on Amazon than anyone else on oob (I'm happy to be proved wrong). Of course- I don't know if this is the same person- but I find a phone number- call and do one of those messages, "I don't know if this is the right person but if you signed up for oobgolf Addict, can you call me back? You won something..." 20 minutes later- I get a call from Mr. Nanney, so I either got the right person- or he did a great job of acting! Either way- he's getting the OGIO Grom Golf Bag!

Anyway- here goes the usual spiel-

It pays to be an oobolf Addict, just ask James Nanney, winner of an OGIO Grom Golf Bag.

The Grom Bag from OGIO retails for $220 and you can learn more about it and all of OGIO's product offerings here!

From OGIO:
The company's top-selling bag for three years running is back and better than ever. The Grom is an eight-pocket engineering feat with more features than ever, including: Woode top with integrated grab handle, custom 3-point ergonomic handle, Zipperless Ball Pocket, Ball Silo, pen sleeve and diviot tool holders, 45 degree insulated water bottle pocket for increase convienience, EVA molded hip pad with airflow system, and featuring the new ARC Lite stand system - increasing strength while providing greater functionality and convienience than a normal stand system. For those who thought it couldn't get any better....
Oh- if you're into military history- you may want to check out our winner's writing.

A special thanks to OGIO for providing the amazing giveaway!!

Thanks for everyone who joined Addict in the past month as well as those who joined Addict previously. We'll be announcing our next Addict-only giveaway in the next day or two, so stayed tuned.

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Kurt the Knife says:

Gimme that bag!!!
activesense says:
Great job James, have fun with your new bag.
SingleDigits says:
I think there should be a rule that you have to post some scores on OOB before you can win an Addict prize!
ipv6freely says:
He can have it, it had a lame camo print on it (im not nearly redneck enough to have anything camo). Too bad too, the grom is a sweet bag!
Panerai111 says:
Congrats James. I'll take it if you don't want it.. ;)
Torleif Sorenson says:
Actually, given the winner's distinguished history of service, it might be kind of appropriate. Congratulations, Dr. Nanney.
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