Can You Feel The Love?
By Kickntrue on 4/22/10
If you're not in our forums you're missing out on free stuff... and magnanimous users. Last week I gave away a Ultimate Golf Pass worth $60.

The person who won the pass saw another oober could get more use out of it- and actually asked me to give it to him instead. That's an oober for you! This is the 3rd or 4th time in the last year or so I've seen a gesture like this on oob and it makes me think one of two things; 1) someone bought the world a Coke, or 2) oobgolfers are hella good people.

For those who have been turned off by our forums in the past- I do want to update you on the fact that we now have better tools in place to see every post made pretty much as it's made, so SPAM should be wiped out almost as soon as it happens (unless I'm sleeping in which case it will have to wait until morning).

Also- If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or parts of New York- you should check out the GolfingForeU book (even if you already use TeeTimeGolfPass. While there is some crossover, it does have different courses, different offers and the uniqueness of going through the new year (March 2011).

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Ben Crane says:
You've inspired me to donate my Slix underwear to a fellow Oober - slightly used of course!
Kickntrue says:
@ben crane- after wearing my Slix underwear a couple times... I'd suggest you NOT make that offer. They are so amazing someone may STILL take you up on that...
bducharm says:
Agreed - AWESOME drawers!!!
falcon50driver says:
Anybody need a Liver?
golfray says:
That should be a good one, it's already pickled.
sepfeiff says:
Awww feel the love
birdieXris says:
I feel the lov.... no wait, it's just gas.
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