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Mizuno MP-58 Winner!
By Kickntrue on 6/15/10
Unlike last month- this month's winner responded IMMEDIATELY to claim his winnings. For $1000 set of irons- I can't blame him!

It pays to be an oobolf Addict, just ask Damion Sanders, winner of a set of Mizuno MP-58 Irons.

The MP-58 Irons from Mizuno retails for $1000 and you can learn more about it and all of Mizuno's product offerings here!

From Mizuno:
Introducing the Mizuno® MP-58 Steel Irons with revolutionary Dual Muscle Titanium™ Technology. The lightweight characteristics of the pure Titanium utilized in the MP-58s allow for an ideal amount of thickness behind the impact area to ensure the legendary soft, solid and consistent feel one expects from a Mizuno® iron, while simultaneously providing a dramatic increase in perimeter weighting for enhanced playability.

A special thanks to Mizuno for providing the amazing giveaway!!

Thanks for everyone who joined Addict in the past month as well as those who joined Addict previously. We'll be announcing our next Addict-only giveaway in the next week, so stayed tuned!

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ElGalloGigante says:
Boo! Boo!

Nah, congrats, man!
TravisMiller says:
I think you got it wrong...the winner of the drawing is Travis Miller.

Just Kidding...Congrats Damion
Agustin says:
Enjoy :)
vja430 says:
Congrats playa
lcgolfer64 says:
Congrats Damion - Many Oober's are envious!
sepfeiff says:
Congratulations, hit them well.
DougE says:
You're a lucky man Damion. Congrats. How will Oob top that giveaway? Maybe a set of Titleist AP2s? Just a suggestion.
Virtuaframax says:
congratulations to you Damion... hopefully we'll have more of these give aways... and perhaps i can be one of the winners... HINT HINT! LOL
Mattlite says:
I play these irons and all I can say is you are one lucky man. Best irons I have ever hit. Enjoy.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Likewise, turning green with envy here up north...
erikro says:
enjoy them...
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