Winner- John Loring! Free Tee Time Winner
By Kickntrue on 7/23/10
You guys have proven once again that there is no better way to get people involved than to offer free stuff. You'll are a bunch of mooches!

And, the winner of the free tee time is...

JLGuru, real life name, John Loring.

It looks like he has a bunch of oobgolf friends- so picking three to go with him could be tough... or he could do as I suggested before and pick the most expensive course he can find and make his friends pay!

Congrats to JLGuru and everyone else who participated. I think the results (over 200 comments!) speak for themselves and we're going to work to make sure we can do another one of these soon.

Please check out and thanks to their people for making this happen! Obviously, a great prize. - For Last Minute Tee Times

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falcon50driver says:
birdieXris says:
second - but first really angry guy. :-P boo for not winning.
rmumph1 says:
JLGuru, I won't tell your friends its free, if I can go with ya (for free).
greendevil says:
Congrats JLGuru; enjoy.
sepfeiff says:
Aah cool, congrats
DQ says:
six--- Wow, isn't that a lame comment. (@merlin2driver)
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