Happy Belated 4th To Us!
By Kickntrue on 8/6/10
In all of the excitement around here I forgot about oob's 4th anniversary of tracking golf stats on the web! Four years in "internet years" is a lifetime, and frankly, some days it feels like it. But doing something you love day in and day out makes happy days, and happy days are good days in my book!

Thanks to everyone who's found us along the way! It seems trite, but truly without you guys checking in and sharing your love of the game with us is what kept us going all of those nights when bugs seems prevalent throughout the site and 50 new users in a day seemed like a cause worthy of a night on the town. In retrospect, they were, and still are. oobgolf has been truly unique in the fact that we've done virtually 0 advertising since day one. All of our growth is because you somehow stumbled upon our site and decided to tell your friends, who then in turn told their friends. To those new to the site who may be the friend of the friend of the friend, welcome.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend on the site as much as we enjoy creating it!

Kevin and Andrew

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GolfinHawg says:
Happy 4th Birthday and thank for the great site..
Zepo1a says:
I think the Robot should read the entire addict user name list in celebration! ;)
birdieXris says:
Hip Hip Hooray!!
Kickntrue says:
@Zepo1a- I was thinking about going to robot message. That's not a bad idea... except it would take FOREVER. something with robot video voices for sure though. i'll work on it!
homermania says:
Happy Birthday, keep up the good work!
Banker85 says:
I remember when i first found you oobgolf, i was searching for the loft makeup of my old irons and you had them! then i realized i could track my scores for free and get a handicap. Then i started reading the daily posts and chiming in and that is when our relationship really took off. not much later i became an addict and havent looked back! you guys rock and i tell every golfer i come in contact with about oobgolf!
Swingem says:
HBD oob, thanks for a great site, something with the robots is definately called for.

@Banker - I'm getting all misty :-)
sepfeiff says:
Great job with the site guys. I think personality and fun is what makes OOB a great place thanks to your hard work and dedication to keep it moving forward.
lcgolfer64 says:
Congrats Oob! Can't recall how I came across the site the first time, but really glad that I found it - I 2nd Sepfeif and Bankers comments - GREAT SITE! - thanks again guys.
greendevil says:
Happy 4th guys! This site is amazing (my favorite site to visit)! Keep up the awesome work!
GolfSmith7 says:
Oob had me at hello. Thanks. Lol
mschad says:
HBD oob!! Thanks for the great 2+ years I've enjoyed here and wishing you the best in the many years to come.
Clint24 says:
I think we should all recieve oobgolf shirts for 'our' birthday!!!
Kickntrue says:
@Clint24- if you guys want to pay for them... we could possibly arrange that.

/not promising anything.
mantajim says:
My deepest thanks for a great site. My game has improved tremendously since I found oob. (From an index of 27 to my current 6.1) You've helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, which helped me focus my practice.
Happy Birthday!!
jbird2011 says:
Happy Bday, and thank u sooooooooo much! I once sat down and tried to track the stats thast u do. I did it for an entire season and took me hours! now you can give me instant feedback which is amazing. THANK YOU!!! My game has improved and you have made me obsessed with golf.
Matt F says:
Happy birthday Oob.

@Kickntrue - I'd buy one.
MartijnL says:
Happy 4th! Still the best and most affordable golf stats site around. And the rest of the content is great as well.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the OOB iphone app.
KVSmith59 says:
robot read's an oob top ten list ie. David Letterman.......
KVSmith59 says:
and best idea for a robot reading posted here gets an oob hat! !
Shawn D says:
Love the oob!
svj says:
you guys should make shirts, i would definely rock them. have like, the robots guys on the back and oobgolf on the front. that would be awesome...
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