So You Think You Can Blog?
By Kickntrue on 8/7/10
I know some of you out there have great ideas. I know some of you are much smarter than me. That's why if you ever have a great idea for an article or blog post you should write it (the actual post) and send it to me for use on oobgolf. We'll give you credit, link to your site (if you have one) and general make you look swell. This isn't JUST a way for us to get out of work (though that sounds nice too). I know there are other good voices out there wanting to be heard. I'm sure more than a couple of you dream of writing a golf blog- but you just don't think you'd keep up with it or know where you'd get the audience. Now you can write a single great post- and use our audience as a sounding board!

So, please let me hear from you. It's perfect if you're: an aspiring writer, a college student looking building a resume, a golf fanatic who doesn't think we write about a certain topic enough, an expert in something specific to golf, an oober who doesn't think we feature enough hot pictures of men and women golfers, etc!

Here's the deal/legal crap. We'll still have full editorial control and we can choose to run or not run your post. You're not going to get paid and once you send it- we'll own it and the rights to it. If that doesn't sounds enticing- I don't know what will! Of course we will give you full credit in any way we ever use it and you can point people to it as yours as long as oobgolf is on the internets (I'm not making promises for 2063, folks).

Okay... I'm expecting to have next week off. Send your posts/articles/questions to

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KVSmith59 says:
can it be a re-write about something we've already blogged about, or does it have to be new?
Kickntrue says:
We'd consider a repost but that's kind of what we do normally. Would prefer orig content for sure.
GolfSmith7 says:
I'll write something this week. Any subject you guys would like to see be written?
WVP says:
Good stuff. I like how many of the articles here feel like they come "from the community", if that makes sense.

And the more the better. My golf game is in the rough and early stages but I love the columns here.
trikai says:
I wrote a little thing about caddy-ing for a buddy at the US Amateur Qualifier last week at the Broadmoor West Course. Cool experience that included 60,000 feet of hiking and almost 7500 feet of vertical elevation change. Don't forget the bag! -

I like the idea about the grassroots stories. Little local flavor.
Clint24 says:
The whole 'We own you and your story' thing sounds a little overboard. Why not give the guys whose story you use something, say an oob shirt!!

I want one of those shirts!!
Kickntrue says:
@GolfSmith7 - up to you. write what you love!
svj says:
what if you suck at spelling and what if your grammar is on the level with 5th grader?? if you can over look them two things, im game...
Matt F says:
@svj - spell check, or send it to me!! LOL J/K.

I like Ike. says:
Interesting concept.
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