Envision TR Putter from STX Golf
Winner Winner Spaghetti Dinner
By Kickntrue on 8/13/10
... because why should it always be chicken?! I owe a prize from our caption contest earlier this week. It seems like Kurt the Knife was the overwhelming favorite with his "tramp stamp" comment, but unfortunately, legalese requires me to pick a winner for the contest at random. That said- if I just decide out of the goodness of my heart to send a prize to someone I like, say, Kurt the Knife, there shouldn't be a problem with that, right?! So congrats KtK, you win a UST Mamiya AXIVCore BLUE Woods shaft!

Okay.. on to our actual contest winner (/don't pick Kurt, /don't pick Kurt) -- MiddleAgedGuy who ironically enough made the comment, "+1 for Kurt." I guess there is some lesson in karma to be learned.

Congrats MiddleAgedGuy (btw- maybe you and I should talk offline and discuss a less depressing username)! You win a STX Envision TR Putter!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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lcgolfer64 says:
First! (stealing from Kurt...)
Nice work guys, Kurt does contribute some fabulous humor to this site!
Congrats to Middle Aged Guy and Kurt
Kurt the Knife says:
thanks so much.
wow.. ohmygod. I'd like to thank the academy for for this honor and all the support and affection from my fans..you guys are the greatest, I'd also like to thank my producer and and my mom and dad... oh and jesus.

Hey who's that black guy in the sunglases reaching for my microphone?
Hey, lemme finish!
Zepo1a says:
I thought the post said provide a "Caption" not just "comment" in the thread.

"+1 for Kurt" is not really a "Caption"...
sepfeiff says:
Interesting putters that company makes. I think I saw this one in an episode of StarTrek. woops, I'm stuck in caption mode.
Kickntrue says:
@zepo1a- interesting distinction... +1 for noticing... but not changing the results. :)
Zepo1a says:
Damn you! Foiled again!
Tha Clint says:
hmmm, just like the casual golfer who bends the rules to his favor so does oobgolf lol
MiddleAgedGuy says:
Well this is a surprise to put it mildly, thank you! Have to say, though, I tend to agree with Zepo1a, if only because (1) I'm a rules guy myself (white stakes are *not* lateral hazards), and (2) can't argue with that baby mug. Can I donate the putter to the next contest?


(p.s. if the username seems depressing, you should see my game!!!)
Zepo1a says:
No, you should keep it man. I'm just jerking Kickntrues chain. Congrats!

Maybe the putter will help your game before you have to change your handle to "OverTheHillGuy"


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