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Nike Crush Golf Balls Winner
By Kickntrue on 9/23/10
Yesterday we told you we'd give away a dozen new Nike Crush Golf Balls if you'd tell us what you listen to on the way to the course. We have a winner!

Congrats to ponderous! You were randomly selected as our winner! Based on his scores- looks like he's in Oregon, which makes him winning somewhat ironic- since they were sent to me FROM Oregon. Anyway Congrats!

A little about the Nike Crush Golf Balls:
Aiding golfers to “crush” the ball, the Nike CRUSH combines a softer compression core, optimized cover design and new DMC Coating® to reduce unwanted side-spin and maximize ball velocity for straighter, longer distance. The larger and softer, high energy core provides high velocity and delivers unrivaled feel. The Directional Micro-Composite Coating or DMC Coating® is the first of its kind; a smart coating that is designed to lower spin for driver shots that would normally slice or hook.

Optimized for driver head speeds of 80-95 mph, the newly designed thin, two-piece ionomer blend cover enhances greenside feel and playability while increasing ball speed and maximizing distance off the tee. The Nike CRUSH features a 312-dimple design that produces lift for longer carry and consistent ball flight.
On a personal note- I took a dozen of these balls out recently- giving a sleeve to each person in our foursome. All of us were mid handicappers, with swing speeds very near the 95MPH mark that these are targeted for. We were all pretty happy with the results. They were softer than I expected for a $21/dozen ball. I know a lot of people love the Bridgestone E-Series balls and I'd compare these to those, with maybe a little more distance. It's not for everybody, but Nike knows that, but if you're a weekend golfer who isn't ready to spend $45 for a dozen golf balls, these are worth checking out.

Thanks to NIKE GOLF for the giveaway and Congrats again to our winner!

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ponderous says:
Sweet!! I'd like to thank all the little people who made this day possible. Not the big people, though... you guys are a bunch of a$$hats.

I'll let you know how the balls work out. My driver speed is up around 110, thanks in large part to my personal credo: "Don't swing hard... swing angry."

Say... If my massive muscles, athletic prowess, and off-the-charts humility are enough to cause these balls to explode and blind one or both of my eyes, who should I sue... you guys or Nike? I'm guessing Nike.
Kickntrue says:
@ponderous- definitely NIKE. :)

btw- 110mph?! Can you even wear shorts, or do you have to stick to slacks?
Banker85 says:
btw- 110mph?! Can you even wear shorts, or do you have to stick to slacks?
I dont get it.
@ponderous: I hope you do in fact get blinded... by the light! no for real though up yours.
ponderous says:
I mostly wear shorts because I sweat a lot and my boys need to breath. Plus, it saves time when that swing speed leads to horrific mishits, including those accursed dribblers that don't quite find their way past the red tees.
birdieXris says:
@kickntrue - why is i get incredulous disbelieve when i say that to you, but he gets "can you still wear shorts". ROFL.
Kickntrue says:
@birdieXris- I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt... i've seen your swing. HAHA!

i'm just sad @banker85 doesn't get it. If Kurt the Knife doesn't get it- I'll know it was a complete misfire!
Swingem says:
@ponderous-should you feel that your 110mph swing speed puts you in danger when using a ball designed for 80-95mph, try one of the new Ryder Cup team uniforms. The "boys" should shrink up and behave (if not disappear entirely), and your swing speed should be right in the approriate zone.
Agustin says:
@Swingem. ROFL.
Matt F says:
110MPH!! If he mishits, all that will be left on the tee box would be a pair of smoking shoes!

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