All You Do Is Win!
By Kickntrue on 9/27/10
It seems like all we do on oobgolf lately is find winners- like SD Charlie who was selected as our winner from Friday's giveaway. He is now the proud owner of a USA Boxing Glove Headcover from AB Designs!From AB Designs:
“The Count of Monte Fisto”

Apollo Creed would be proud of this witty head cover design. Honestly everywhere we go people tell us how great these are. The USA boxing glove head cover is made of a soft durable material that closely resembles genuine leather and has the US flag printed across the entire front with letters USA on the cuff. All materials are non toxic and flame retardant. Double stitching with top quality thread ensures product strength for a long life. The glove lining is produced from a polyester material very similar to sheepskin and provides excellent head protection. Durable elastic inside the cuff secures to a tight fit over the neck so that the cover will not fall off in the fairway or end up in the garage. The USA boxing glove head cover fits all clubs from the big 460cc driver down to the #3 fairway woods. This product is surface washable with a damp cloth.
Here's the dirty- it doesn't fit your driver as well as the one that came from the manufacturer, but it's still going to protect your club just the same, and it ads a little spice to your bag. I think I'm actually going to move it to my 4 wood. I think it will fit a little better- and I use it less- so it won't take as much wear and tear.

You should check out all of AB Designs (formerally "Butthead Covers" ... seriously) headcovers, as they all provide a little flair to your bag, while still protecting your clubs. Most pros have specialty headcovers- why shouldn't you?! Most (including the USA Boxing Glove) are around $25.

Thanks to AB Designs for the giveaway and congrats to our winner!

AB Designs - Buy HERE!

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SD Charlie says:
Real people do win! Haha. I'll snap a photo of the glove/cover when it arrives.
Banker85 says:
i'd rather see a photo of you punching one of your golf buddies in the face!
TeT says:
That was funny...
SD Charlie says:
That is a very likely photo opportunity. To be continued..
Kurt the Knife says:
CGrats, dude.
SD Charlie says:
Got the glove, er cover yesterday. It actually fits my 2009 Burner driver pretty well. Boxing photos to follow.
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