Antigua Golf Shirt Winners
By Kickntrue on 10/15/10
Remember those Antigua golf shirts that make you smarter, funnier, and more attractive? Yah- click to see if you won one.

From Antigua:
Antigua's new DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE is an extremely light fabric without being sheer. The three-dimensional construction is what makes the fabric extremely light without being see-through. Because the fabric has a lighter weight construction, DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE embellishes the wicking rate of Antigua's proprietary DESERT DRY™ moisture management performance fabric. With it’s history of functional success DESERT DRY™ already sits at the top of the market of performance golf apparel and with the added functionality of Antigua’s DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE fabric it is proving that it will join in that success.
Okay- so the winners are...

Eddy Whitaker

Congrats! Now the awkward part where I hope you 3 fit nicely into the 3 shirts I happen to have...

Guess I should have thought that one through...

Have a great weekend, folks!

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falcon50driver says:
I don't see my name there. I guess these shirts don't make you as smart as I initially thought.
srogers13 says:
Didn't look like the shirts attracted women winners, either.
Kickntrue says:
@imasmrtazz- we'd have to have a women on the site for that to happen.
srogers13 says:
but we were led to believe they attracted women out of nowhere. :)
Pappybro says:
S'okay. I'm still gonna buy one (a shirt, that is).
falcon50driver says:
S'okay. I'm still gonna buy one (a woman, that is).
georgelohr says:
Sweet! I'm a wiener!
dottomm says:
You generated enough interest in me that now I gotta go but one. +1 oob!
mjaber says:
Guess I'll have to continue to golf in just my Slix :)
Zepo1a says:
Wrong time of year for this give-away..I'd like to see it stay dry in the Mid Summer Florida heat and humidity.
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