Halloween Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/3/10
oobers just know how to have fun. That's all there is to it.

Check out these sweet pics sent in by one of our users, thompsonc715. Here is the story:
My buddy and I wanted to play on Halloween, but thought it might be fun to show a little holiday spirit. We're not great golfers by any means, but we love the game and wanted to have a little fun. We called the course ahead of time to OK it, and once they did, everyone loved it. We were having guys stop to take our picture, waves all over the place and cars honking as they drove by. We also both played pretty well, considering it was about 40 degrees out. Just thought you might enjoy.
Well, my friend. You were correct! We do very much enjoy! We should TOTALLY do this as a website-wide effort next year. Imagine showing up at hundreds of courses across the country dressed like idiots!

As a side note- that is the scariest Joker I've ever seen. I think I'd crap my pants if I looked a fairway over and saw him! Awesome job on the makeup!

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Backquak says:
This is a great idea, cause I get mistaken for a professional golfer every time I go play, and if I dressed up as something else they wouldn't be so disappointed when they see me play.
srogers13 says:
Someone has a new avatar.
bkuehn1952 says:
A tip of the cap to thompsonc715 and his friend for sharing this. I wonder if I wore a professional golfer costume whether I would play better? Nah, not a chance!
TravisMiller says:
I am game for next year. Bring on the costume golf!
Zepo1a says:
The spammers are getting ridiculous Admins..The forums must have had 50 spam posts this morning.
OffCoursegolfer says:
I shot some guys glow golfing in halloween gear and I messed up and it didn't record. Bravo to the joker
tennesseeboy says:
My game is scary enough. I don't need to dress up to make it even worse.
woobwoob says:
Great idea!
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