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Addict Winner: $200 GolfNow.com Tee Time
By Kickntrue on 11/23/10
It pays to be an oobolf Addict, just ask Wayne Ng, winner of a $200 tee time from GolfNow.com! Look at him (right) - he's totally PUMPED!

From GolfNow:
Founded in 2001, GolfNow.com offers the best in tee times through easy and convenient booking methods. Using leading edge technology, GolfNow.com allows golfers more ways to stay connected to their favorite courses and tee times through the web, email and upcoming mobile feature.

GolfNow.com operates in 41 states and is partnered with more than 1,800 courses across the US and Canada. Golfnow.com is owned and operated by Golf Channel in Orlando, Florida and is the largest online tee time retailer in the United States.
Sure- only Wayne won, but the rest of you can still pick up great deals all over the country from GolfNow.com.

GolfNow.com - For Last Minute Tee Times

Thanks for everyone who joined Addict in the past month as well as those who joined Addict previously.

We'll be announcing our next Addict-only giveaway in the next week so stay tuned!

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Panerai111 says:
Thanks to oobgolf and Golfnow.com! I'll be more pumped when it isn't 25 degrees and snowy out. :D
Kickntrue says:
@Panerai111- that sounds like wuss-talk. Real Minnesotans play anyway! (or so I've heard)...
Kurt the Knife says:
Are you sure you spelled his last name right?
lcgolfer64 says:
I just got back in from 9... it wasn't that bad out. just have to keep it out of the snow drifts.

Congrats Wayne
[Now you'll have something to get you through until April, well okay May, well maybe mid-May...]

Kurt, again with the +1!
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