SkyCaddie SGX and Autoview
Win A SkyCaddie SGX For Taking This Survey!
By Kickntrue on 12/15/10

SkyGolf makers of SkyCaddie GPS Rangefinders asked us to survey oobers with their thoughts on GPS. For taking the 12 question survey- you'll be entered for a chance to a win a SkyCaddie SGX ($399)! They also want me to make sure I tell you about their new AutoView feature of the SGX which uses a built-in accelerometer and allows you to view different screens by simply turning the device instead of pushing buttons!

(Learn More About The SkyCaddie SGX and the NEW AutoView feature!)

The survey will stay open until January 3rd, 2011 and we'll give away the device that week! A nice little New Year's present for someone lucky! It's all multiple choice and should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

The results will be handed over to SkyCaddie in aggregated form*. We ask for an email address on the survey solely for the purposes of identifying the winner. Your email address will not be shared and you will not be contacted about any products or services from SkyCaddie. Your answers have absolutely no bearing on your chance to win. You do not need to be an oobgolf member to win. You can only do the survey once- but feel free to pass the link on to as many people as you'd like. Chancing of winning will be based on the number of completed surveys.

Finally- sorry for the look of the survey. I looked long and hard for a free service (most you pay for) that would be sufficient. It looks a little web-2002 but it will get the job done.



Learn More About The SkyCaddie SGX and the NEW AutoView feature!

* Full Disclosure and as I'm sure someone will try to point out- oobgolf is owned by SkyGolf (which gives us nice connections to give away stuff like this), but it is run separately and the data will be kept completely separate (only Kevin and myself will have access). If you can't live with that... don't do the survey.

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KVSmith59 says:
very cool. re: full disclosure.....why would anyone care. bunch of whiners
nate94gt says:
took the survey. Sure is nice to have a smartphone w/ GPS for the golf course though. man its awesome.
Zepo1a says:
Hai! I has been sir vayed. [img]some lolcat.jpg[/img]
ppinkert says:
Survey done... I've used the smartphone apps and they just didn't work for me. I think the power Hog IPhone may have killed it for me. Just can't last with all that I was hoping for the GPS to do and was billed to do and never did. Stand alone systems I believe are better because that's all they do and are not burdened with sharing the power, or the GPS with every other app. Just me.
Virtuaframax says:
survey done! i've used Ti golf and the oobgolf app for iphone, but they didnt do it for me...
nate94gt says:
as for using the smartphone w/ gps on the golf course, i dont have to look at the GPS for every single shot. If the course is marked out great for yardages and whatnot, or i know the course really well, i have no need to use the gps unless im at an obscure angle (dog leg) or in trouble. I dont need GPS for every shot, so my smartphone battery doesnt get destroyed by constant GPS use.
ppinkert says:
Let me add...(perhaps in hopes that I can win }:-)) I do use the oobgolf app on my IPhone not so much for the GPS as I do for the stat tracking and score keeping. Truly the best I've used for that purpose.
Panerai111 says:
bducharm says:
Nice - thanks Andrew and Kevin!!! Merry Christmas!!!
dottomm says:
I like the OOB GPS feature on my iPhone. However, I think I'm gonna start leaving my phone in my car. Too easily can my wife appear with a single ring of my phone. My game always goes to crap after that. I think if I go with another GPS, I'd use a stand a lone.
falcon50driver says:
I got an e-mail from Skygolf informing me that they will not be supporting my sg2 anymore. I bought it when they first came out, back when $350 was a bigger investment than it would be now. The invited me to buy the newer version for only $399. After paying $59 a year for the subscription I finally realized what a waste of money it was. Several of us had them and the distances never agreed when we used them in the same cart. I have a pinseeker laser now and it will give the distance to ANYTHING that you have the circle on when you push the button, plus or minus ONE yard. GPS is good for driving or flying, not for golf.
newrider says:
I have an SG2 (the parallel port model no less)and an SG5. When I bought the SG2 it was a fairly expensive commitment. Kinda sad to see the trade-in value so low (there can't be that many left out there). If we didn't all buy the SG2's there probably wouldn't be an SGX. Probably just gonna throw it away. Very few courses here can take advantage of the SGX features. Next yardage tech will probably be a laser.
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