TaylorMade Staff Bag Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 4/11/11
The Masters may be over, but we still have something to celebrate here on oobgolf - the winner of The Masters week TaylorMade Staff Bag Giveaway. I would like to give a special thanks to our friends at TaylorMade Golf for making this giveaway possible.

It's time to announce the winner of the TaylorMade Staff Bag Giveaway. Not only does this lucky oober win the new TaylorMade Limited Edition Tour Season Opener Staff Bag with their name embroidered on the bag (pictured- right), they also win their favorite TaylorMade daily use bag. All they had to do was simply visit www.taylormadegolfgear.com, pick their favorite daily use bag and post a comment letting us know why. What a sweet deal!

And the winner is...stuart189. Mr. Stuart189's will take home the TaylorMade Limited Edition Tour Season Opener Staff Bag and the TMX Staff Bag. Here's why he chose the TMX Staff Bag:
TMX Staff Bag for me, It just looks sweet.....................oh and plenty of pockets to hide my golf clothes in so I can leave the house in my work gear and change at the course leaving my wife none the wiser :)
Thanks again to TaylorMade-adidas for this awesome giveaway. Also, thank you to everyone who entered and good luck in the future. Let's here it for stuart189.

I would like to give a shout out to mrorangecord for winning the oobgolf group Masters Best Ball Challenge on ESPN. Mr. Mrorangecord fought off several surging oobers, kind of like Charl Schwartzel, to win the challenge at 45-under. Maybe we'll do something nice for him in the future.

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lcgolfer64 says:
Congrats stuart189!

[Lucky Bas^%rd... Okay so I'm jealous! Extremely jealous...]

Seriously though - congrats man! I like the reasoning for the Staff Bag choice, good stuff.
bkuehn1952 says:
A tip of the cap to Mr. Lucky, @stuart189. Don't get a hernia lugging those two staff bags around. ;)
dartboss04 says:
my T2 -44 showing in the masters challenge doesn't even get a mention...;)...
Kurt the Knife says:
lucky dude
bducharm says:
@dartboss - T2 is first loser!!! Sorry, my Ricky Bobby just had to come out!!!
dartboss04 says:
@bducharm very true...i did have pat benatar's we belong on a loop for the last few holes yesterday...it was not to be...
Banker85 says:
congrats you luck bastart and i do the same by hiding clothes and hitting the links! sly dog!
stuart189 says:
Thanks for the kind words guys (sort of), can't get the smile off my face. A great big thankyou to everyone at Taylormade and Oobgolf.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Congrats, man! I go the route of keeping clothes in my trunk just in case the opportunity for an unscheduled round presents itself. Enjoy your new bags!
dottomm says:
Yea. I got me a trunk caddy. Holds a full wardrobe of Golf AND Work attire.
mrorangecord says:
Woot! Would rather have won the bag though!
pennsafety says:
I have to try that trick with hiding my golf clothes...congrats!
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