oobgolf Fantasy Challenge Winner
By mustang6560 on 7/20/11
We actually have a two way tie for first place in the oobgolf Fantasy Challenge.

So, naturally, the only fair way to decide the winner is to have a fight to the death cage fight. Last one standing wins.

OK, scratch the cage fight. Our lawyers just informed me that we do not have the liability insurance to cover ourselves so we'll just both guys a prize.

And the winners are "SmallBaller" and "DSFerris entry 1". Unfortunately, ESPN didn't provide me with enough information to find your oobgolf account. So if you are SmallBaller or DSFerris, please post a comment below so you can claim your prize.

The winners will each receive a BaldGuy Hat. Don't let the name fool you. Sure, the hats were designed by a bald guy for other bald guys, but you don't have to be bald to enjoy the comfort of these hats. The BaldGuy Hats are like a fine wine, they get better with age (assuming you lose more hair as you get older).

Thanks to everyone who entered the oobgolf Fantasy Challenge and congratulations again to our winners. If we don't hear from them, I guess we'll just have to save the prizes for another giveaway.

Learn More About BaldGuy Hat

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Backquak says:
I believe the top 6 entries are all non-oobers, I guess you will have to give the prizes to the 7th place finisher... Oh thats me, but I'm not bald, dang-it, I'm shaving my head.
homermania says:
Anyone else forget to adjust Friday night? I had two missed cuts in my fantasy group. D'oh.
meatball413 says:
i was close. finished 3 strokes behind. my saturday round killed me. -9, -9, -4, -10.
meatball413 says:
if the first 5 entries are non-oob, do I win by default? LOL
dsferris says:
I am an oober and an addict, and I thank you for the awesome prize.
meatball413 says:
@ds - great job! congrats!!
Envythepea says:
@homer - Yeah, when I remembered it was past the deadline, hard to do well with only two players left in the game! Congrats to ds and smallballer!
4HeadWear says:
Please excuse the self promotion. Here are a couple of other things to know about these hats. They wick away moisture faster than anything on the market and are machine washable. They come out of the washer sweat-stain free looking like new every time. We are running a buy-one-get-one-free promotion now in exchange for your photo. Check it out at the web site. Again my apologies for the self-promotion.
mustang6560 says:
@dsferris- I'm going to email you with further info about claiming your prize.

SmallBaller, you there?
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