oobgolf Fantasy Challenge Winner
By mustang6560 on 8/15/11
The winner of the oobgolf Fantasy Challenge is ESPN user "moffat22". Where y'at, moffat22? I think I know who you are, but please announce yourself so I can be sure. I wouldn't want to give your prize away to the wrong person...

Moffat22 came from behind Sunday to best "gpickin" by one stroke at -45 under par. Ouch, did gpickin pull a Jason Dufner?

The spoils go to the victor and his prize is top notch - the new SkyCaddie SGX. Thanks to SkyGolf, makers of the #1 Rangefinder in Golf for making this giveaway possible.

About the SkyCaddie SGX:
For the ultimate in convenience and reliability, the SkyCaddie SGX can store up to 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified course maps making it ready-to-play out of the box with Basic Green information. The SGX boasts a durable, sleek design with a large 3-inch, easy-to-read, transflective TFT-LCD screen that provides brilliant color images even in the brightest sunlight. Nothing Else Comes Closeâ„¢.
Thanks to everyone who entered the Best Ball Challenge for the PGA Championship. Stay tuned for more fantasy challenges next year as we've completed the major golf season for the year. Hey, the 2012 Masters is only 7 1/2 months away. Who's excited?!

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gpickin says:
Sat I played Fowler Woodland Scott and Bradley, I kept my team.
moffat22 had Fowler Davis Scott Bradley, but he dropped davis for woodland and fowler for mahan. so it was fowler vs mahan, and mahan shot an good round including an eagle... that was that... but oh so close.

I thought my dark horses woodland and bradley would get me there, but somehow, moffat22 got them too, oh well.
Good fun regardless.

Enjoy the skycaddie moffat22
mustang6560 says:
You're a gracious loser, gpickin. I think we can all respect that!
dsferris says:
Congrats moffat22!!! I look forward to defending my British Open victory next year. Thank You for the contest.
Banker85 says:
congrats -45 is a good score! I had -38 under with the same 4 guys all week and Steve Marino didnt even make the cut.
vja430 says:
mustang6560 says:
moffat22 says:
Thank you for putting on a great tournament it made the sunday a lot more exciting. let me know how i can get my hands on this great prize. I look forward to more of these contests.
mustang6560 says:
@moffat22- Check your email...
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