The McGladrey Giveaway Winners
By mustang6560 on 10/14/11
Before I announce the two winners of the McGladrey Classic Giveaway, I would like to first thank everyone who entered.

Now, on to the winners. Drum roll please ... and the two lucky winners are Trip and sjduffers! Gentlemen, please check your email so we can discuss the details of your prize. Let's here it for them!

I got a kick out of several of the names submitted, but it just so happened that two of my favorite course names were submitted by our winners, "Oobgolf Country Club" (Trip) and "Duffers Paradise CC" (sjduffers). I also liked sepfeiff's name, "the Angry Squirrel Golf Club".

I would like to thank Goose Golf for making the McGladrey Classic Giveaway possible. You can learn more about Goose Golf by reading my review or visiting their website.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Congratulations to our winners. It was a clean win as they wiped us out.
sjduffers says:
Good one, BK! There were some good submissions, and I have no doubt that the winners were picked at random, and not based on merit, but I am happy to have won just the same. Yeah! :-)
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