Franklin Templeton Shootout Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 12/12/11
The winner of the Franklin Templeton Shootout Giveaway is rjtalcott!

As the winner, he'll receive an official oobgolf towel that will instantly jazz up his otherwise ordinary golf bag. Hey, rjtalcott, check your email so we can discuss the details of your prize. Let's hear it for him!

The giveaway question was "Now that Tiger Woods is official back (winning the Chevron World Challenge counts as a comeback, right?), how many tournaments will he win in 2012?" and rjtalcott answered with another question.

"ZEROOOOO. That Chevron Tourney stunk of being set up for him to win. The real question is what kind of controversial issue will come out about him next year."

I'm guessing Tiger is not in his top five favorite golfers. Hopefully, there are no more skeletons in Tiger's closet because I'm not sure I can handle another two-year long golf scandal...

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Banker85 says:
conspiracy theory. doubt it. congrats hater
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I doubt it too. I would think TW is smarter than that. Then again I took him to be smarter than that the first time around. Hmmmm...congrats tho!
dottomm says:
Still gotta get the ball in the hole. I think Tiger played really well.

Congrats on your towel.
bkuehn1952 says:
Congratulations, although this giveaway stunk of being set up for rjtalcott to win. The real question is what kind of controversial giveaway will be announced for him to win next year! ;)
falcon50driver says:
Rigged, No real competition. I already have an oobgolf towel anyway.
RJT says:
Thanks for the congrats. I used to love Tiger, then he cheated on his wife, spit on the green, and swore on TV after he was "going to be a better person". But the real clincher was seeing him walk past a little kid that was looking for a high five and him not paying attention to him. Not so classy in my book.
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