Humana Challenge Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 1/23/12
And the winner of the Humana Challenge Giveaway is ... dtak84! Let's give dtak84 a good old fashion oobgolf congratulatory heckle!

As the winner, he'll receive a USA Guitar head cover, courtesy of AB Designs. Yo, dtak84, check your email so we can discuss the details of your prize. If there is no email in your Inbox, check your Junk mail folder.

We released a new version of the website today so I apologize if you experienced any difficulty logging on. The good news is the bugs are fixed so you shouldn't have any more trouble!

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legitimatebeef says:
Congratulations dtak84. Personally speaking I avoided this giveaway like the plague, but sincerely I hope you enjoy it.
bkuehn1952 says:
It will certainly be a conversation piece - congrats.
CeeBee says:
I kinda like it- play well.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Congrats, dtak84! Nice!
homermania says:
They are goofy and garish, but I enjoy my AB head cover. Congrats!
TeT says:
Speaking of the Challange, way to get paid Charlie!
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