Would You Rather
By mustang6560 on 2/16/12
Let's play a game I like to call "Would You Rather".

The game is similar to "Never Have I Ever", but instead of owning up to a mistake you made or admitting to embarrassing behavior, you have to pick between two separate realities. If presented correctly, both statements are equally awesome or equally awful. There is no wrong answer so don't be bashful. The true beauty of the game is in the reasoning behind your answer.

If you were a professional golfer, would you rather:
A) Win 25 wins around the world,


B) Only win one time, but have it be a major (of your choice).

I was watching the Golf Channel "On the Range" last night when the idea for the post came to me. Alex Miceli was talking about Luke Donald and I thought to myself, "I wonder if Luke Donald would trade all of his current and future wins for one major." In my opinion, it's a tough question to answer because the fundamental question here is "would you rather be a one hit wonder or someone who proved to the world he can play?"

If it was me, I'd pick the 25 career wins. Sure, I'd miss out on the sweet taste of a major, but at least I would have a chance to earn a spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Plus, I'd be super rich! 25 wins would earn roughly $25 million, which would set me up for life!

Your turn.

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GolfSmith7 says:
Give me the Major, and I can still make the money by finishing second in 25 other tournaments
Banker85 says:
$25 million, no doubt. Sure winning a major is nice but then you just would fade away in obscurity where 25 wins sounds like a nice career not just a nice year.
dartboss04 says:
That's a tough call because either way you are scrutinized. You either caught lightning in a bottle, or were never quite good enough to get the job done. I'd probably rather have have the 25 wins. More folks will remember Luke Donald than Ben Curtis.
mjaber says:
I'll take the major. My thoughts were along the same line as GolfSmith7.
srogers13 says:
Dart, need another example other than Curtis, he has two other wins on the Tour. How about Shaun Micheel?
gpickin says:
I'd take 25 wins. Better be scruntinized for not winning a major than not being worthy of being scrutinized, well, until you stick the major and thats it.
25 wins means a few good years on the tour, if you only get one major, your career and financial situation would still be very unclear. Sure you could rake up a bunch of 2nds and top 10s, but I hate losing :)
mtgolfidiot says:
Give me the 25 wins. This guarantees my tour card and sets me up for life. Ask Mark Brooks, Todd Hamilton, or Michael Campbell which they would prefer
joe jones says:
I wonder what Colin Montgomery would say if you asked him. One of the finest golfers of all time. Seven consecutive legion of merit titles. Should be a lock for Hall of Fame soon. Would he give all of that up for a major. I don't think so.
bkuehn1952 says:
I'd take the 25 wins for many of the reasons everyone cited.
Trip says:
Rich Beem or Luke Donald? Luke Donald.
Panerai111 says:
Wins for sure.
Pappybro says:
Major. It's sort of like saying "Do you want 25 patents for chemistry development, or the Nobel prize?"
legitimatebeef says:
I'd rather be Colin Montgomerie than Todd Hamilton no doubt. 25 wins is pretty elite territory and that would probably mean you made a lasting impression on the game. Majors are great for people like Tiger and Nicklaus to compare to each other but for most other players I think the significance is sometimes over-rated. I wonder what Todd Hamilton, would he trade for the 25 wins? That would be a great question to ask that guy.
mmontisano says:
i'll take the major. nobody care how many times you win the Mayacoba Classic or the Justin Timberlake's Exceptionally Long Tournament Name Open.

i want to be IN the history books, not a trivia question.
bcrosby007 says:
25 Wins.
25 million > 1.5 million.
bobhooe says:
easy. 25 W's for me please, the high might not be as high for a regular pga tour win but proving to yourself you had more than one good week in your life and could consistantly beat the best would be better for sure.
dartboss04 says:
@srogers not a perfect example with curtis but two other wins...eh...

one hit wonder in a major is a trivia question...
bducharm says:
25 wins definitely! Someone mentioned Rich Beem. He lives here in Austin and I have played with him. Great guy, loves his drink! But he had to mail 30 letters last year for sponsors invites to get into tournaments. And he had to go to Q-school this year (and not get his card). 25 wins pretty much guarantees a place to play for life!
tartantoml says:
25 times as sweet. You could still win a major "next" year, your name would be mentioned.
homermania says:
I would prefer to win 25 majors and no other tournaments.
mjaber says:
I'll be playing Augusta every year, and you guys with 25 wins will be watching it on TV. :)
srogers13 says:
mjaber, only if the major you win is the Masters.
larrynjr says:
Larry Mize won the Masters and still ended up back in Q school a few years later...I'd take the 25 wins and the money.
falcon50driver says:
pappy bro: the quickie lube by my house has a sign out front "Special, Free Nobel Peace Prize with oil change"
Kurt the Knife says:
i would have a better chance of landing $100 million in endorsements if I won 25.
Thats prolly the choice I'd make.
wrhall02 says:
25 wins.

Ideally 5 wins in the first year, and a win a year there after.
spackler455db says:
Unless the major was the open championship at St Andrews, it's 25 wins for sure. Even then, I think the 25 wins would preferable.
jrbizzle says:
On your deathbed..."Grandpa, tell me again about the back nine on Sunday at Augusta one more time" or "Grandpa, what was the name of that course you won at three times again?"
komega19 says:
Major, with exemptions... guranteed to play more.
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