U.S. Open Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 6/18/12
The winner of the U.S. Open Giveaway registered on ESPN with the handle vbrunini. Yo, vbrunini, where y'at? As the winner, s/he will receive a FREE Addict+ subscription.

I feel very similar to Tiger Woods following my poor showing in the second segment of ESPN's Best Ball Majors Challenge. I entered the challenge with high expectations as my team in the first segment finished in the 100th percentile. However, I my team in the second segment fell flat. I finished 16 shots behind vbrunini, who tallied an impressive -35 under par.

The turnout for the U.S. Open segment was not nearly as good as the Masters segment, which is typical. But, I would like to thank everyone who did participate. We'll continue the fantasy challenge for the British Open next month so stay tuned for another chance to win a FREE Addict+ subscription!

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bkuehn1952 says:
Congratualtions and nice picking.
GolfSmith7 says:
Congrats Vbrunini! I have to mention though I am #1 after the two majors if you check it out I am 71 under par! Can I least get shout out? lol
mustang6560 says:
@GolfSmith7- W00t!
bkuehn1952 says:
@GolfSmith7: you are the best Oober to never have won a major!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I find that offensive!
vbrunini says:
Thanks all, I seem to have gotten very lucky. Sounds like my good days on the golf course.
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