PGA Championship Challenge Giveaway
By mustang6560 on 8/13/12
What do I have in common with Rory McIlroy? We both ran away with our victories at the PGA Championship.

The final segment of the Best Ball Majors Challenge fantasy golf game ended Sunday and once again yours truly won. Not only did I win the PGA Championship segment, I also won overall - and I finished in the 99.8th percentile out of everyone in the world who competed. It's hard to be humble when you were born to be great, but I'll try (insert a little sarcasm).

Even though I won the segment, I can't win the prize, so I'm going to give the Addict+ subscription to someone else. Since envythepea, mootruck98, SpaceMaNy0, and Backquak are already Addicts, I'm going to give the Addict+ subscription to jel1011, who finished T4 in the PGA Championship segment. And again, even though I won overall, I'm going to give the Addict+ subscription to srogers13 since Golfsmith7, BirdieXris, Duffer83, and SpaceMaNy0 are already Addicts.

I would like to thank everyone who competed in the Best Ball Majors Challenges. We're going to do it again next season so you'll have another chance to beat me. But, it'll be a long offseason of misery knowing mustang6560 is the greatest!

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GolfSmith7 says:
Like Jerry Sienfield says about 2nd place, "out of all the losers I came in first" lol like Tiger there is always next year! lol
bobhooe says:
-16 on day one sealed it for you.
bkuehn1952 says:
Beating all of us is no big deal. The 99.8%, however, is very impressive. I am pretty sure ESPN's entries number in the thousands (or hundreds of thousands) so beating everyone except a few is quite a feat.
mustang6560 says:
@bobhooe- No doubt.
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