Addict Giveaway Winner: adidas Strike AG Stand Bag
By mustang6560 on 9/5/12
The winner of the Addict Giveaway: adidas Strike AG Stand Bag is oober twouponetoplay. Please help me congratulate our latest Addict winner!

If you want the chance to win great prizes like the adidas Strike AG Stand Bag, then you need to become an oobgolf Addict. As an Addict, not only are you automatically entered to win big ticket items, but you also get access to our advance stat tracking, you can live score from the golf course like a professional golfer, you can edit course data, all while you're supporting oobgolf!

If I didn't completely sell you on upgrading your Basic account to an Addict account, well maybe the next Addict-only giveaway prize will. But, you'll have to stay tuned as I won't announce the next prize until Monday. I would like to give a special thanks to adidas for making this giveaway away possible.

Learn More About The adidas Strike AG Stand Bag

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bkuehn1952 says:
sigh ... good for you, @twouponetoplay ... I am sooooo happy for you ... grumble, grumble ... congratulations.
bducharm says:
Yeah - way to go - grumble grumble....
madmx99 says:
What do you mean I didn't win? Crap... congrats twouponetoplay......geez, talk about your luck turning.
twouponetoplay says:
Thanks guys. I've been looking for a new stand bag.
Virtuaframax says:
good deal!
hughesj says:
Congrats. Just as well I didn't win. Went out and bought me a Ogio Grom XX (Fracture).
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