Fantasy Golf Summer Segment Winner
By mustang6560 on 9/26/12
The PGA Tour season ended last Sunday with Brandt Snedeker winning the Tour Championship and the FedExCup, so it's time to announce the winner of the third and final segment of the oobgolf fantasy golf group.

The winner of the summer segment is Yahoo! user "Bartlet's Barnstormers". Not only did Bartlet's Barnstormers win the summer segment, he also won the whole enchilada.

If you are Bartlet's Barnstormers or you know who s/he is, please let us know if the comments section below so we can recognize your greatest with a FREE 1-Year Addict+ subscription.

Thanks to everyone who played fantasy golf this year. If there is a group of oobers who want to play fantasy golf again next, we'll be happy to offer Addict+ as prizes again.

oobgolf Fantasy Golf Group Results

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jdhowens says:
Happily, I am the Josh (that's the 'j' in 'jdhowens') who manages Bartlet's Barnstormers! I was really pleased to win the whole season, particularly with such fierce competition at the top.
mustang6560 says:
That was quick! Assuming you accept the prize, I'll go ahead and make you an oobgolf Addict+.
jdhowens says:
Well, I'd been keeping an eye on it. That's very kind, thank you. Shame there isn't a grand prize too, haha!
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