Discussion: Should fans be kicked out for yelling "Mashed Potatoes"?
By mustang6560 on 12/3/12
In the third round of the World Challenge, Keegan Bradley said he was called a "cheater" by an inebriated a fan. The fan behavior at Sherwood Country Club also annoyed eventual winner Graeme McDowell, who said he hopes fans stop yelling things like the "Mashed Potatoes" and "Get in the Hole" after someone hits a shot.

I'm guilty of yelling "Get in the Hole" at a professional golf tournament so I can't pretend to be 'holier than thou', however, I've changed my opinion on appropriate fan behavior. I no longer think it's appropriate to yell things like "Mashed Potatoes" at a golf tournament. In fact, I think anyone caught yelling things like "Get in the Hole" should be kicked out.

In light of the recent fan behavior at the World Challenge, we want to know:
Do you think a tournament reserves the right to kick fans out of a tournament for yelling things like "Mashed Potatoes" after a player hits a shot? Or is it just part of the fun of a professional golf tournament?
There is no right answer. But we want to hear your opinion on the issue.

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birdieXris says:
absolutely should be banned from the tournament grounds without a refund. the nature of golf is such that when one person is hitting, another person may be hitting as well somewhere around you. The yelling of things like that is unnecessary. It's one thing to cheer a good shot in the moment, but it's wholly ridiculous and ill-mannered to yell ludicrous things like that at a golf tournament.
jkyleolson says:
Yes! One warning then kick them out. Its so tacky and annoying. Odds of a drive going in the hole on a par 5 are slim, dont yell it unless the ball lands on green and is moving towards the hole (again only on par 5s, only on the first shot and only if its actually close to going in).
bkuehn1952 says:
If the prohibition of yelling idiotic phrases is published and disseminated prior to the tournament, yes, toss him or her out. Do current tournament rules have a code of conduct for fans or is it merely an unwritten set of rules? Let's face it, the fan base of the PGA Tour takes in a lot of people who are not aware of basic golf etiquette and the Tour needs to make everyone aware of the expected behaviour before tossing people.
Wes11point5 says:
Not only should they be kicked out, but they should kicked in the hind quarters as well......HARD! Just a bunch of wedgeheads that want to be heard on TV. All of those stupid phrases just cause me to grind my teeth.
windowsurfer says:
There must be a lot of loud, drunk jackwagons at a tournament. But it was funny when that guy yelled, "Nice shoes!" at Poulter. Maybe not as funny the 1200th time.
Bryan K says:
If it's appropriate, I don't see a problem. Like, if someone is hitting a ball from 150 out and it is threatening to go in the hole, I don't see the issue. I yell it myself on the rare occasion that I hit such a shot.

But if someone is teeing off on a 600 yard par 5, then doing so should be a bannable offense.
bducharm says:
Banned!!! Kick them out - no warning (print it on the ticket)!!! It is annoying and stupid!!!
mmontisano says:
ban them. i love that Graeme McDowell called someone a wanker and flipped them off after yelling mashed potatoes.
Tim Horan says:
yep, get them outa there. No if or buts it has no place in golf.
hughesj says:
Folks who yell anything along this line simply don't respect the game, the players and the true fans. Even though "get in the hole" is seemingly appropriate, it is really annoying to hear.
Matt F says:
The crowd around them should be able to beat the shit out of them, then they get thrown out.
madmx99 says:
Sorry, I was distracted for a moment by the www.iDateAsia.com ad in the border..... Toss them.....maybe "get in the hole" around the green. I do like the cheering or booing on the par 3 in Scottsdale, though.
Matt McGee says:
I think Matt F. may have found the solution. They could post a big sign by the entrances: "If you are identified as an individual yelling inappropriate and/or stupid things when players hit their golf balls, you will be soundly beaten and removed from the premises."
Mr_X says:
I equate any yelling on a golf course to a ringing phone in a theater. Both are always in bad taste but the behavior is expected at some locations. If a tournament does not want to appear to on national TV as host to a drunken frat party, they should write the rules out on the event tickets and post the rules around the course. The loud obnoxious drunken slobs who have show no respect for the other golfers playing the game when they scream out should be booted off the course after their first infraction without refund. (Would any course allow the same type of behavior on any other Sunday? Do you think I could scream on every tee box for 18 holes at Augusta or Pebble Beach without being arrested?) Or, the hosts should invite the bastards to scream like the banshees in Scottsdale if they like a drunken audience. Everybody likes a party, right? But they should expect that many golfers will not watch these broadcasts where screaming is the norm. Like I said, I find it in bad taste and so I refuse to watch it.
legitimatebeef says:
I pray this doesn't become a protracted discussion over the next several years, cause I don't want to hear about it. If the tours and tournaments do nothing, we will just have to live with it and if that's the case the best thing to do is ignore it IMO. Try to carry on with life. If that means watching less pro golf then so be it. I like watching pro golf as much as the next guy but when it comes down to it, I can live without it. Vote with your dollars so to speak. If that doesn't work just accept that pro golf events are now the domain of heckling and fratboy culture. Anyways this behavior's merely a symptom of a society in general decline. Even if does get prohibited at golf tourneys the underlying problem still exists. We are too attached here in the US to this idea of liberty. We bristle at rules, even the practical ones; we feel that "its a free country" and we do whatever pleases us. That's our problem.
Kickntrue says:
I'm a bit surprised by how many of the comments on this topic are so against the "offense." There freaking millionaire professional athletes being supported by the moron's cheering them on. Who cares what someone yells short of being profane or offensive? We're talking about AFTER the shot, right?! The ball is in the air. I hate to break it to you, but yelling, talking, shouting or dancing isn't going to affect the ball at this point.

Is it stupid, yes. Is it inane? Yes. Is it funny? I guess that's in the eye of the beholder. But to kick someone out for it- really?! What's golf going to do next to try to lose fans and participants? Kick them off the course for wearing cargo pants?
Mr_X says:
Kickntrue, would you want someone following you around for four hours yelling at you from 20 yards while you played? This isn't just about the pro athletes on tour for me. I see yelling on a golf course, any golf golf course, as bad behavior. I don't want the PGA seemingly approving of this bad behavior because new hacks will think that this acceptable. I ask the question again, do you think I could yell "Get In The Hole!!" 18 times at Augusta, Pebble Beach or Medinah without being ejected from the course? Is it too much to ask that people show a little respect?
Kickntrue says:
To answer you're question- yes. Yes I would love for people to care enough about my livelihood to pay to follow me around and yell anything they please. That would be awesome! I guess I don't really get the respect thing. Are the golf gods going to rein terror on your game? What are you respecting? A commercialized sporting event happy to charge you $80 for a ticket, $9 for a beer and $12 for a rubbery chicken sandwich?! It's a spectacle. Yell whatever you want AFTER a shot is struck.
windowsurfer says:
BOOM Shaka-lacka!
larrynjr says:
Also after being kicked out for drunken behavior, the local police should be waiting for them to get behind the wheel before taking them to jail for intoxicated driving.
C-4 says:
Leagueofgentlemen says:
Dear "Legitimatebeef" and "Kickntrue",

When I compare the gallery behavior at the U.S. Open at Oakmont in 1994 to what I experience today, it is truly disappointing. Golf is not like football. It's a single-player sport involving finesse and concentration in order to score well. Players expect, as should the tournament staff, the respect and consideration from the gallery to not distract (cell phones, talking, coughing and, needless to say, yelling) while players attempt to execute their shot. One stroke may get them to the next prize level, or to take first. If they're on a green and some dolt on the adjacent tee yells out some inane comment, it might very well cost them a stroke. If it were YOU trying to get to third, second or first place, you would be irritated by the idiot's outburst. It is common consideration and respect, which parents have abandoned teaching their children and society refuses to uphold. Witness the sad state of affairs in our world today.
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