Hyundai Tournament of Champions Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 1/7/13
The Hyundai Tournament of Champions was scheduled to finish today, however, unrelenting weather wiped out the first round three days in a row.

Rickie Fowler is scheduled (knock on wood) to hit the first tee shot of the new year for the third time later this morning and the 30-man field will try to play 36 holes today. If the wind plays nice, the tournament will conclude tomorrow with an 18-hole final round.

The good news is we're still going to announce the winner of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions Giveaway because unlike the PGA Tour, our schedule wasn't disturbed by Mother Nature. So without further ado the winner of a Boxgroove Value Membership is oober Werepuppie. Please join me in congratulating our latest giveaway winner! Yo, Werepuppie, please reply to my private message to discuss your prize.

I'd like to thank for making this giveaway possible. If you're interested in playing private courses in your area, then check out to find out more.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Congratulations. Hope you can find some opportunities through Boxgroove.
GolfSmith7 says:
They seem limited at least here in Texas
Duke of Hazards says:
Hey, someone I know actually won. Cool. I checked out Boxgroove as well... seems like a great idea, but only a couple of the local clubs of the dozens listed had availability.
jfurr says:
Congrats Werepuppie! Hope you enjoy it.
frankteo714 says:
Should have given away a windbreaker...
Kurt the Knife says:
was fun watching them cats gettin all blowed around. One dude had his ball blown off the green. Awesome.
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