Humana Challenge Giveaway Winner
By mustang6560 on 1/21/13
The winner of the Humana Challenge Giveaway is oober onedollarwed. As the winner, he'll receive a Tin Cup DSF (Draw, Straight, Fade) ball mark stencil, courtesy of Tin Cup. Please show onedollarwed some love in the comments section below!

We have one more Tin Cup stencil to give away in the near future, so stay tuned for another chance to win. If you want to learn more about Tin Cup, you can read my Tin Cup review here.

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jfurr says:
Congrats onedollarwed.

I need a stencil for Hook Top and Slice.
GolfSmith7 says:
@Jfurr that's funny!
madmx99 says:
jfurr, I think if you change the solid center one to dots, it might work!
Duke of Hazards says:
congrats. can't help think of a conquistador's helmet when I look at that thing, though.
bkuehn1952 says:
@ jfurr - ha, ha, ha - thanks for the chuckle on "Miserable Monday" or whatever the psycologists have dubbed this day.

And congratulations to @onedollarwed

p.s. my assumption has always been onedollarwed is short for "one dollar wedding". Care to dish on how you came up with the name?
mmontisano says:
that's funny because whenever i see his screen name, "one dollar weed" always comes to mind for me.
jfurr says:
Maybe it is One Dollar Wednesday ... like a standing nassau bet each week...
onedollarwed says:
Oops... don't check the inbox much. Onedollarwed is an old username that many friends know me by. It's from One Dollar Wednesday's, an Oakland A's promotion from the late 1990's. $1 Upper reserved ticket, $1 hot dog. I bought so many of these tickets - over 500 for my students, that people used to call me that.

A crazy bit of improbability left me with 4 tickets to the KC game featured in Moneyball (the A's 20th win in a row), that I had bought in April of that year. The game was in September and no tickets were to be had. I had 4 and a one-month-old baby. We went anyway despite the mob scene; Gave away 2 tickets to the first couple we saw with a baby and sat with them until at least the 5th inning. A's up by a bunch, no problem, right?

The Coliseum now covers the upper reserved seats with tarps. The A's are good again! I've been telling this story for years, but now that the movie has been out people get it better.
onedollarwed says:
Soon after I got the Moneyball book I was at a game in Pawtucket (Red Sox) and waited after for Jeremy Giambi and Kevin Youkilis who were playing that night to sign it. I credit my self and my dad for being the first ones to do the "Youk" chant, as it was his first game up. I'd been following his progress in the minors, and nobody was on to him yet. See, my ex-boss had sent me an advance copy of the book as we'd had Michael Lewis (the author) as a client, and I was always talking about the A's, but had no idea who Micheal Lewis was. I moved across the country and the book shows up in the mail out of the blue. Anyway the book and the Ticket stubs make a nice family memory.
On a golf note, I was able actually hit golf shots in the outfield of the Coliseum. There was a promotion called "Out-pitch the pitcher" (Tom Candiotti), and I went down before the game to shoot at a target to win a golf club.
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