Addict Winner: Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons
By mustang6560 on 2/4/13
It's always bittersweet to announce the Addict-only Giveaway winners. It's bitter because I have to say goodbye to a perfectly fine set of irons (or driver or some really nice golf product) but it's sweet because I know it's going to a good place.

The last oober to win the Adams Idea Black CB3 irons never claimed them so let's hope we have better luck today. Without further ado, the winner of the Addict Giveaway: Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons is oober dkim1. Let's here it for our latest Addict Giveaway winner!

I would like to thank Adams for making this giveaway possible. You can learn more about the Idea Black CB3 irons by reading our review here. We're going to announce the next Addict-only Giveaway Wednesday so stay tuned. With a price tag of over $1,000, our next prize is sure to please the masses and it may entice a few of our Basic users to upgrade to Addict!

Learn More About Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons

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bducharm says:
Aren't you sure you mixed this up with the other giveaway??? Not that I am grateful of course!!!
bkuehn1952 says:
Congrats to Mr. Kim, who seems not to need much help with his game.
madmx99 says:
Dammit!!! I never win anything!!!
mustang6560 says:
@madmx99: You're funny...
ppinkert says:
congrats to Kim...
Spaceman_Spiff says:
Congrats for sure!
dkim1 says:
Hey all. I'm pumped about this. Can't wait to get them. I'm pretty sure they can't beat my burner 2.0s but you never know!
ksodom711 says:
I play with dkim1 on the weekends and he is a beast on the course, but irons couldn't have gone to a nicer guy!
dkim1 says:
Well everyone. Played a round with the Adams and the verdict is good! Very solid feel (when I hit it solid) and just as long as my burners but with a higher trajectory. Gap and pitching wedges don't spin as much but go farther. I checked the specs and the lofts on the Adams are 2-3 degrees higher but I didn't see any loss of distance. I may need to get these bent as my last fitting has me at 2 degrees flat. I'm pretty sure these lie angles are standard and it's real easy to hit them left! I took them to the range and noticed the left a lot more there than on the course. Still, very happy with these. Still need to work with them some but I'm hopeful that these are keepers! Thanks oob!
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