Results: oobgolf Tee It Forward Challenge
By mustang6560 on 7/22/13
As the majority of oobers predicted, I did not break 70 from the forward tees at my home course.

Three birdies, eight pars, six bogeys, and one double adds up to a 5-over 77, which was eight strokes over my target. So, if you were smart and picked against me, then you're entered to win a 1-Year Addict+ subscription (I'll announce the winners toward the bottom of the post).

I felt like Lee Westwood must've felt in the final round of the Open Championship yesterday — neither of us could find a fairway. I only hit one fairway on the front and two on the back. I was -1 on the holes I found the fairway (or had a playable drive) and I was +6 on the holes I didn't (excluding the par-3s). We live in a 'distance is king' world — if it promises to add yards, it sells. The reality is, however, it's more important to find the fairway off the tee than it is to be able to hit your 9-iron 150 yards.

Despite missing three of the first four fairways, I started hot — I was -2 thru 5. I birdied holes one and three and I had a makeable birdie putt on four. The wheels fell off on the par-4 sixth. I made two mental errors (I hit my punch shot too high so it clipped the tree and I three-jacked from 25 feet), which led to a double bogey. So in one fell swoop, I went from two under to even.

After three straight bogeys on holes 8-10 (10 is the easiest hole on the course too!), I knew 69 was pretty much out of the picture. Despite my confidence heading into yesterday's round, I knew the odds were not in my favor to break 70, so my secondary goal for the golf experiment was to not lose my cool. I hit several bad shots and I got a few unlucky breaks, but I didn't yell and I didn't slam a golf club. I kept my wits about me the entire round, which is why I was able to salvage a 77 instead of an 82 or worse.

The one interesting thing I learned from the oobgolf Tee It Forward Challenge, which was based in part on the Tee It Forward Initiative (play faster, play better, etc.), was we only played marginally faster from the front tees. As a group of four, we played 18 holes in just under four hours. But, we did play better. From the red tees, I tied my best score from the back tees the first time, on a bad driving day, rgeimer shot 82 (4 strokes better than his average), and drewhastings12 broke 90 for the first time in a long time.

As soon as we finished yesterday, we all said the same thing, "Let's do this again soon." It was a fun experiment and it jazzed up an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon round. I also have a few other golf experiments I want to promote (for fun) in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

As promised, we're going to giveaway two 1-Year Addict+ subscriptions. And the winners are oobers birdieXris and golfking222. And, oober Bryan K shot the lowest net score from the forward tees out of all the oobers who joined the Tee It Forward Challenge group, so he'll also receive a 1-Year Addict+ subscription!

The post would not be complete without saying, legitimatebeef, you were right my friend! I couldn't break 70 from the red tees, but I had a damn good time trying!

Image via Flickr, Dan Perry

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DougE says:
Sorry, but not surprised.

Maybe for you---someone who can usually keep the ball in play from the men's tees--you only played "marginally faster." But the "Tee It Forward" program is meant to have people with less ability or less distance play it forward, which in those cases would likely speed things up more than just marginally. As a single-digit handicap, you are not the typical intended target of "Tee It Forward."

That being said, breaking par is not easy from any set of tees. Too many things have to go perfectly. That rarely happens. It's still golf.
legitimatebeef says:
"...but I didn't yell and I didn't slam a golf club."

You are still a winner in my book.
GBogey says:
Agree with Doug - I think "tee it forward" speeds up people who play tees that are too long but probably has less of an impact from going from a proper tee to a shorter tee. Of course, "tee it forward" only helps if you someone plays the proper club off the tee based upon the hole and their ability. I've been paired with some knuckleheads the last two weeks who hit driver on every hole no matter what. Based on their ability, they are going to be slow no matter what.
legitimatebeef says:
That said I wonder about Nathan's game plan. Too many drivers IMO. That cost him several strokes. On the front nine alone he hit it six times and put five of them out of position. He seemed to get it straightened out on the back nine, but by then he was hitting 4-irons out of position too. My guess is that playing shorter clubs off the tee, throughout the round, it's easier to settle into a steady groove. Fairway after fairway, the game starts to feel predictable and that helps you swing with increasing confidence. Sounds to me like Nathan was all over the course and scrambling just to keep it together.

Nate glad you had a good time and hope you try it again because I even though I'm willing to bet against it, I do think it is possible.
DougE says:
When you try it again, remember these two words: Course Management
No matter what, you need to be in the right position at all times. Then, you might have a chance if all the breaks fall your way. Take it from an older guy who can't hit the ball as far as you can. Thinking your way around a course is usually better than trying to power your way around. JMHO.
GBogey says:
That said it still was a nice round. I couldn't try this over the weekend but am really wanting to move forward during August. Don't think that I can get to a memorable number like par, but I do think I can improve upon my normal game by several strokes (rating adjusted) as the forward tees will take driver out of my hands on lots of holes
Torleif Sorenson says:
I was so supremely confident in Nathan that, in my response on Nathan's original post, I said I would forego pizza for an entire week if he didn't do it.

joe jones says:
Your groups comment that it was fun and that they want to do it again is the whole point of tee it forward.Too many golfers just don't realize that fun is a large part of what golf is all about. In Europe many players don't even keep score or they play four ball ( alternating shot)or match play because they feel it is a purer form of golf. Great experiment. Keep them coming.
jrbizzle says:
Hearing about the number of drivers hit, I'm wondering if and where the fairways narrow on that course. Many courses begin to narrow the fairway, throw in hazards and basically tighten things up around 120-100 yards for numerous reasons.

I'm curious if playing forward brought more trouble into play than typical. Which is why hybrids and long irons may have been the better play.
birdieXris says:
Wow! Id like to thank the academy and the ooobgolf site management for this awesome contest. Likewise, I had a great time trying the experiment and even recruited a few people to try it sometime. It was awesome and really fun!
Werepuppie says:
Maybe if we combined two ideas:Tee it Forward and play with a 7iron and a putter.That might let someone break 70:)
mmontisano says:
i think the next experiment should be playing foursomes from your regular tees and see if it speeds up play and adds more fun?
bashworth says:
How did a net score of -4 win? I should have played a par 3 too...
Bryan K says:
I don't know if I deserve this prize. I forgot all about the challenge, and I played a little executive course with a couple of friends. But we played from the back tees. And even though I tied my all-time best round of +10, breaking 70 on a par 59 course, I don't feel as if I followed the spirit of the competition.
robbie.dejarnette says:
What course was the round played?

We used to play a game from the red tees with the lowest handicappers not being able to use woods or hybrids, the middle handicappers able to use hybrids but not woods and the highest handicappers able to use any club, which made the shorter yardage an even game for everyone vice figuring out stroke differentials between groups and tees with the result of everyone shooting around the same net score (lowest being 3 under, highest 5 over). Plus, it's GREAT practice for hitting long irons and figuring out distances to hit to for the full wedge or short iron!
lcgolfer64 says:
@Torleif S
I hope that it wasn't John's Pizza that you were abstaining from!
(West St. Paul refernce, us locals in MN would know)
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