A view of the par-5 18th.
Are You Ready For the oobgolf Tee It Forward Challenge?
By mustang6560 on 7/19/13
As we near the start of the oobgolf Tee It Forward Challenge, I thought I'd post the results of the preliminary voting — the overwhelming majority of oobers who've voted so far said I won't break 70 Sunday (46 Nays to 10 Ayes).

For the oobers who don't know, as an 8.4 handicap, I'm going to try and break 70 from the front tees at Colonial Country Club, a challenge I accepted from oober legitimatebeef.

To engage the community, we're going to randomly giveaway two 1-Year Addict+ subscriptions to two oobers who correctly guess whether or not I shoot 69 or better. If you haven't voted yet, go to the Tee It Forward Challenge page and leave a comment. If you can't decide, read my article Why I Expect to Break 70. I explain why and how I plan to play Colonial from the front tees.

The other way we are engaging the oob community is by encouraging oobers who plan to play golf this weekend to play from the forward tees at their home course. If you're going to participate, be sure to join the oobgolf Tee It Forward Challenge Group.

Image via Colonial Country Club

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jrbizzle says:
While I am on record I don't think you will do it, I wish you good luck and hope for your enjoyment that you do.

I'm sure if you played the course multiple times from the fronts you would do it. It just takes a while to re-learn your angles and lay ups.
legitimatebeef says:
We are all ready Nate. The real question is: are YOU ready. Come on man. Let us know how you're feeling, how's your swing, how's your putting etc.
lcgolfer64 says:
While I'm not commenting on here much as of late, I do follow the posts!

Nathan - I wish you luck and hope you do break 70, but knowing my game well enough, doesn't matter how far back (or close) I start, I still gotta get it in the that little jar once I'm on the dance floor - it always come back to putting...
Good Luck!
mustang6560 says:
I'm ready! The swing feels pretty good but I've focused mainly on my short games as of late. The key to my success Sunday will be putting and chipping. I know I won't hit every drive or iron shot solid. I'll also have to battle mentally as my two friends who are playing with me Sunday are mega-trash talkers...
Mandelbaum! says:
Good luck, Nate! I'm pulling for you.
mustang6560 says:
I may get washed out this weekend :( The forecast isn't very promising for my area.
falcon50driver says:
lcgolfer64...you and DougE are correct Drive for show...etc......good luck anyway
bashworth says:
I went out and played probably too conservatively taking a lot of 4 irons to find the fairway and had a lot of tap in pars. Shot a 71 (+1) but had a good time
CeeBee says:
Nathan, Nathan. The gauntlet was thrown and you accepted this challenge. Colonial Country Club. Forward tees. This battlefield has been bombarded by your titleist over a hundred times. No place on this course that would surprise you. Pull the cover off the big dog and get it down there as far as you can. Be an up and down machine.

Dare I say it? This quest could be epic.
jfurr says:
Here's mine: www.oobgolf.com/golfers/score.php?id=2621416

For some reason this round not showing on the group leaderboard. But it wasn't that great anyway. I did hold it under 80 but barely.
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