2013 Open Championship Best Ball Majors Challenge Results
By mustang6560 on 7/23/13
What do oobers jel1011, madmx99, and GBogey have in common?

They all finished atop the leaderboard in the Open Championship segment of the Best Ball Majors Challenge, which means they all won a 1-Year Addict+ subscription. Let's hear it for these fine gentlemen!

The win is madmx99's second of the season, so he now has Addict+ through 2015. He finished T1 in the U.S. Open segment last month with oober clevelandstever. Had he participated in the Masters segment, he'd probably be winning overall. Instead, he's in 18th place. And before oober mjaber can say it, yes, I finished second to last. It's a rebuilding year, OK?

The fourth and final segment of the season, the PGA Championship, is only a couple weeks away so you've got one more chance to win a 1-Year Addict+ subscription.

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mjaber says:
I know there is only 1 major left, but a comeback isn't impossible. Improbable, but not impossible. I was dead last after the Master's, and I've managed to climb back into a respectable position.

Just remember not to pick anyone with the initials TW.
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