Who Predicted The Masters Correctly?
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/14/14
In a very informal open thread last week, we simply asked you oobers to predict the winner of the 78th Masters Tournament. Out of over two dozen responses, only one person got it right.

All hail oober Scott Ayers, who piped in last Wednesday thusly:
"Anybody named Bubba should always be favored in GA..."
Honorable mentions must go to Mandelbaum! and jasonfish11, both of whom chose Miguel Ángel Jiménez; "The Mechanic" finished solo third, albeit four shots behind Bubba.

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Image via clker.com

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legitimatebeef says:
Am curious to know the thought process behind Scott's pick. Because in my case, I literally sat there and tried to peer into the future, in a metaphysical kind of way. What I thought I saw was Sergio Garcia joining his contemporaries Rose and Scott as major champions. I squinted so hard into the so-called "future" I almost hurt myself. And all for what? A missed cut. I'm gaining more experience all the time watching golf, but when it comes to prognosticating what can I say, I'm as pathetic as ever. I think it's safe to conclude that do not possess the ability to clairvoyantly predict future events, which kind of sucks.
Duke of Hazards says:
Pretty sure he used chicken bones.
jfurr says:
anybody else notice Jonas Blixt's caddy wearing the steal your face t shirt under the coveralls?
metnorm says:
Thank you jfurr.
homermania says:
I caught that jfurr!
MeatheadNC says:
I totally missed this very nice shout out on the Fore Play section, and it totally made my day! Legitamatebeef, I must admit that "thought process" might be giving me a bit too much credit!
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