Handicaps By State
By Kickntrue on 4/3/08
We decided to take a look at oobgolf user's handicap indexes by state. I'm not sure we can make any absolute conclusions about anything from that data except that it is interesting to look at. Oh- and that people from Rhode Island need to invite better golfers to the site... you're embarrassing yourselves.

Actually, there is a little more I can say. For instance, even though we have over 25k rounds of data we only have 2 users who have set their location to the state of Nevada. One of them is REALLY good. Most of you out there have not set, your location. I'd encourage you to go edit your profile and add more information for us.

To do that, Log In and go to your "My Game" page. On the left hand side bar you should see "Edit Profile" under Actions. Fill that out so we can make better data in the future. Thanks!

  3.7   Nevada
  9.2   South Carolina
  9.6   Kansas
  9.9   Georgia
11.4   West Virginia
12.9   Utah
13.4   Arizona
13.6   Iowa
13.7   Michigan
14.5   Louisiana
14.7   Ohio
14.7   Minnesota
15.8   Florida
16.1   Arkansas
16.1   Pennsylvania
16.3   Alabama
16.3   Wisconsin
16.4   Kentucky
17.3   Texas
17.3   Massachusetts
17.3   California
17.7   Illinois
17.7   Tennessee
17.8   Arizona
18.0   North Carolina
18.5   Nebraska
18.7   Indiana
18.8   Washington
18.8   New Jersey
18.8   Missouri
19.3   Delaware
19.5   New York
19.9   Connecticut
20.1   Maryland
20.5   Colorado
20.6   Virginia
21.8   Oregon
22.3   Hawaii
22.6   Washington, DC
23.5   Oklahoma
25.3   Mississippi
26.3   New Hampshire
29.0   Vermont
36.4   Rhode Island

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Cal says:
Hmmm, nothing for Alaska.
volleyhart says:
West By God Virginia has an 11.4? I demand a recount! How do we know they even know HOW to count out there?
klangdon says:
volleyhart, maybe you should go play a round with this guy:
H2Okie says:
volleyhart, you know better, wv has some of the nicest golf courses around, i took you to one of the best, so what it rained 10 inches on us in 4 hours.
greenwindow says:
Wow, I killed Utah's average...
LexMacar says:
So andrew are you the only registered golfer in MD so thas why the STATE AVG IS 20.1? lol
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