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By Kickntrue on 7/15/08
We decided to go through our database and find out who has had the pleasure of experiening a hole-in-one and found 46 of them in almost exactly 100,000 scores. Depending who you ask and where you get your research it's known that the odds of hitting a hole-in-one are about 1 in 12,750.

Sports Illustrated once put the odds at 1 in 45,000 for hitting a hole-in-one on a normal par 3 golf hole. If we have 100,000 scores and there are normally 4 par-3's per course that means we have 46 aces in around 400,000 par 3's played. That means our stats show that it happens one time in ever 8700 par 3's played.

I guess that either means oobgolf users are better than the normal golfer (which makes sense because we are the people hardcore enough to track our scores), or it means some of you guys are full of crap. You can decide for yourself. Here's the list of our 46 aces.

ScottKamTamiment Resort & Conference Center5/30/1991details
peters24Boone Creek Golf Course5/11/2004details
adicembrinoBoca Dunes Golf & Country Club1/1/2007details
pmorrisonGreat Smokies Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort4/3/2007details
merlin2driverBayou Din Golf Club5/4/2007details
D.LeeDoubleTree Golf Resort San Diego5/6/2007details
Max McgheeVista Ridge Golf Club5/28/2007details
amishbeaverWhite Plains Regional Park & Golf Course6/7/2007details
Freddog84Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club6/10/2007details
mpetronStoney Creek At Wintergreen Resort7/21/2007details
larryjPebble Brook Golf Course7/23/2007details
Lee CrostonMaple Leaf Golf Course8/17/2007details
poppers12Davis Golf Course8/21/2007details
headhunter1994Spook Rock Golf Course8/31/2007details
TaylorFadeBluffs On Thompson Creek10/24/2007details
Golfer17Architects Golf Club11/10/2007details
DavidWest End Golf Club1/19/2008details
duecebombPruneridge Golf Course2/1/2008details
VinceALimekiln Golf Course2/3/2008details
Jim TaylorLexington Oaks Golf Club2/4/2008details
cheet35Orangebrook Country Club2/16/2008details
ATONYTapatio Springs Resort & Conference Center3/3/2008details
tandcgolfLinks Of Spruce Creek3/3/2008details
chef3905Wentworth Hills Golf Club4/29/2008details
ronphotoSpringtree Golf Club5/4/2008details
awarner98St. Johns Golf & Country Club5/12/2008details
kidaveLas Colinas Golf Course5/14/2008details
golf1951Chandler Park Golf Course5/18/2008details
GaryflipLake Wright Golf Course5/22/2008details
bobbydvtProspect Bay Country Club5/30/2008details
jpuff19Deer Run Golf Course6/2/2008details
MarkparThree Little Bakers Country Club6/9/2008details
purjedColts Neck Golf Club6/9/2008details
gabman98Balboa Park Municipal Golf Club6/11/2008details
dbkennedyBrookstone Golf & Country Club6/16/2008details
Lil FoxPGA Village Golf Club6/21/2008details
ged2380Mahoney Golf Course6/22/2008details
mkolarMainland Golf Course6/23/2008details
akwashburn21Fox Run Golf Course6/25/2008details
greenhat1981White Oaks Country Club6/30/2008details
Kenny HrapmannAudubon Golf Course7/1/2008details
larrybPlantation Golf Club7/5/2008details
tinyRolling Hills Golf Course7/6/2008details
billhHiawatha Trails7/6/2008details
FencemannDeercroft Golf & Country Club7/11/2008details
SnyperPenn National Golf Club & Inn7/14/2008details

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rbrown says:
To just continue your hole-in-one statistics: If 46 aces out of 100,000 rounds is typical, the average golfer would go nearly 2200 rounds between holes-in-one. At a round a week - for those of us lucky enough to play year-round, that's once every 40 years. No wonder they call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Kickntrue says:
And then crap like this happens.. deadspin.com/5025405/brothers-hit-back+to+back-h
El Presidente says:
More food for thought...

In our golf league that was operated from 2002-2007 at the picturesque (and windy) Town of Palm Beach Par 3 golf course, we had only 1 hole in one in over 25,000 culmulative holes played.
The handicaps ranged from 3-40 with the average handicap being 18 (of 50 players) and the hole distances range from 105 yards to 215 yards.
Eddy Whitaker says:
on the poll you made...you should also put "in and out" cuz thats what happened to me..i flew it in the hole and it bounced out to like 15 feet..still made the putt though
TaylorFade says:
TaylorFade in the house.

I wonder what the percentages are by club or distance. I'm not saying 3-iron from 195 is cooler than a wedge from 110 but...
falcon50driver says:
How about an eagle 2 on a 430 yard par 4 from 195 yards with a 3 wood.
falcon50driver says:
from the rough.....
MrJaredBrown2 says:
I have been playing 5 years now and I just made my first Ace from 150 yards on the same day Phil Mickelson did July 11th. And I hope for more to come.
furrier says:
Like the analysis, but not all rounds have been played at "standard" courses. E.g., I often play at an "executive" par 62 course, which has 10 par-3 holes.
kidputter says:
Better than the Eagle 2, Double Eagle 2 on a 465 yd. Par 5. I did this the second MONTH I began playing. 260 yd. drive and the luckiest 3-wood shot on the planet. Off the cart path in front of the green, up in the air and down the stick.
Next week was my first of 3 ACES.
All in the first 1 1/2 years since I began playing.
Lexus Keoninh says:
i had an in and out that roll off the green. Made bogey! damn the luck.
falcon50driver says:
You win..
tartantoml says:
This info is two and a half years old, how about some updated stats?
digdug7869 says:
Well I got me a Hole In One at Royal St Cloud Blue Course #3 in St Cloud, FL - 162yard with my trusty 8 iron!!! That was my first in 25 years of playing and real happy with the shot!!! Can't wait to get another one in 25 more years!!! LOL
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I'd like to see updated stats on this as well. I still don't have an ace, but it's coming soon.
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