The Mizuno TPM 3.
Top 25 Putters
By Kickntrue on 8/4/08
By Ray Snarski III, oobgolf intern

Last week's Top 25 Driver article was well received so we decided to check out the putters. The results may surprise you.

If your short game does need improvement maybe you need one of the following putters or more specifically the Mizuno TPM3 which ranks #1 on the list! Also on the list are several Titleist and Odyssey putters.

Grading was similar to the drivers except the weighting changed as follows; 50% average putts after GIR, 35% popularity and 15% member star rating. The reason we adjusted the ratings to have more emphasis on the popularity is due to the much larger number of putters on the market compared to drivers (3x as many). To break total score ties the putters were then ranked by lower average putts after GIR.

RankPutterPutts after GIRPutts ScorePopularity ScoreUser RatingOverall Score
1Mizuno TPM 31.856 109109.65
2Heavy Putter B3-M1.933 9 10 99.35
3Titleist Cameron Studio Select 1.51.991 9 10 99.35
4Titleist Cameron Studio Style Newport 2.51.837 108 109.3
5Titleist Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach1.927 9 10 89.2
6TaylorMade Rossa Tourismo DB AGSI+1.942 9 9 109.15
7Never Compromise GM2 Exchange 81.950 9 9 109.15
8Odyssey Black 21.953 99109.15
9Never Compromise Speed Control Gray 11.978 9 9 99
10Odyssey White Hot #51.998 99 99
11PingAnser i1.951 9 9 88.85
12TaylorMade Rossa Daytona Sport 11.988 99 88.85
13Ping Allyi1.993 9 9 88.85
14Titleist Cameron Newport1.907 9 8 108.8
15Titleist Cameron Pro Platinum Newport1.995 9 8 108.8
16Yes! Callie1.760 10 7 98.8
17Ping Pal 61.873 10 8 68.7
18Titleist Cameron Futura1.952 9 8 98.65
19Carbite B Six2.013 8 9 108.65
20Titleist Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 Mid Slant1.876 10 6 108.6
21Mitsushiba Performance Series PSD-211.871 10 7 78.5
22Odyssey White Steel 51.987 9 8 88.5
23Odyssey White Hot 2 Center Shafted2.012 8 9 98.5
24Odyssey White Hot XG 2 Ball SRT Mid2.037 7 10 108.5
25SeeMore mFGP mSeries1.817 10 6 98.45

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SingleDigits says:
Whoa. That Yes! Callie putter is hot. 1.760 putts after GIR. That's off the charts compared to other putters for that stat. I just got a Yes! Valerie last week and have played one round with it. I made everything I looked at eight feet & in. Gotta love those roll groves. Did you see the Golf Magazine 2008 Equipment issue (I think it came out in March). The Rife 2-bar was rated with one of the highest MOI, but the Yes! Valerie had far less deviation on heel and toe hits than the Rife. If I remember correctly the Yes putter had a 6" difference b/w heel, toe & center putts where the Rife had 18" on a 14 foot putt. I think the difference must be the roll grooves.
Kickntrue says:
Interesting that this chart was dominated by the same names yet Mizuno, which was found nowhere else on the list got #1. I'd never really looked at that putter before- but it looks awesome. I like that style. Simliar to a lot of the Cameron stuff in looks.
Cal says:
The Yes!Callie doesn't even have the lowest Average Handicap associated with it, which makes it even more impressive
TaylorFade says:
I would have thought the 2-ball would be higher. I have never even heard of the Heavy Putter B3-M. Like the looks of it though. May also go demo that YES!
mbills1015 says:
A little more clarification on the scoring... I'm assuming that it is based on the stats and scores of the users of that club. My question is this, the Mizuno club only has 1 user and 1 rating as compared to the heavey putter which has 21 users. I'm just wondering if the Mizuno is #1 b/c a good golfer plays with that putter, as compared to a weighted average of the 21 users. Just curious...
klangdon says:
mbills, the mizuno has actually been played by 4 different golfers in the system across more than 50 scores. for some reason people don't add equipment to their bags, but the still associate them with scores each round.
mbills1015 says:
gotcha... I just clicked on the club and only saw 1 user. That makes sense though... I had never heard of, or seen that putter in use so I was curious as to the overall usage of it. I'll have to check it out at the local pro shop. Thanks.
klangdon says:
You are correct that the more popular the putter, the closer its putts-after-gir moves towards average. That is why we weighted popularity at 35% of the overall score.

For example this putter:
didn't make the list even though it is used 2x as often as even the second most popular putter (over 200 golfers on the site use it).

We tried to be objective as possible, but in the end you can always make the numbers say different things.
mbills1015 says:
Is there a way to make the Odyssey white hot two ball putter be #1. That way when I three putt it will make me feel better about myself knowing I have the best putter?? :)
sportsguymdm says:
Black #1?? Gotta be top 5..
falcon50driver says:
I would have expexted to see the Odyssey 2 ball higher on the list. I see a lot of them on the courses I play around the country.
rsnarski3 says:
m2d... The Odyssey 2 ball definitely wins the popularity contest. This is what klangdon's comment was saying. When I was going through the data the Odyssey 2 ball had 771 plays and the second most popular had 323 plays. Definitely the most popular by far! I'm assuming with so many plays that their is a wide range of handicaps using it which brought the average putts after GIR up (2.16) and caused it to be ranked lower (putts after GIR - 5) for that grading aspect. It scored well in everything else (obviously #1 for popularity - 10 and average member star rating 4.31 - 8) but had an overall score of 7.2.
falcon50driver says:
I get it...... you have to draw a picture for some people.
parhamsm says:
I guess I was the only user who was using this putter at the time of the survey. I have had this putter for about 9 years and I love it. I guess I've bought about 5 putters since this one and I just keep coming back to it. I don't think Mizuno makes this model anymore, but they're all over ebay. And no, mine is not for sale. hehe....
golfclubshot says:
I only used Odyssey putters and want to try some titleist putter. Any suggestion?
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