Fairway Precentage By Hole
By Kickntrue on 2/6/09
Here's a fun fact to chew on over the weekend. Across the universe of golf you're more likley to hit the first fairway than any other, by far!

We looked at over 80,000 scores that had fairway tracking data and the results are pretty interesting. I actually guessed that the 17th hole would be the best. I figured people were warmed up but were in that stage where their round had already gone south. In their effort to "not care" they would actually stripe the ball down the fairway. Turns out I was dead wrong- it's actually the 2nd worst hole to hit a fairway.

I'd love opinions from you guys, but it sure seems to me that concentration is the key. Hole 1 is by far the best, followed by Hole 10, where a lot of rounds start or are "regrouped." The third best fairway percentage happens on 18 coming home where I'd argue is the next place to assume maximum concentration. Everyone wants to end well.

I've highlighted both the highs and lows. It's amazing how it jumps out on a graph. Please chime in!

Hole 1: 49.86%
Hole 2: 45.05%
Hole 3: 44.59%
Hole 4: 45.13%
Hole 5: 45.77%
Hole 6: 45.45%
Hole 7: 45.39%
Hole 8: 44.15%
Hole 9: 46.62%
Hole 10: 47.79%
Hole 11: 44.90%
Hole 12: 45.11%
Hole 13: 45.15%
Hole 14: 45.54%
Hole 15: 44.95%
Hole 16: 45.06%
Hole 17: 44.20%
Hole 18: 47.61%

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mickeyg819 says:
So much for "first tee jitters"...
klangdon says:
Both 9s are just bookended by first and last hole. Pretty amazing.
Ben Crane says:
The 1st fairway's high percentage could also be partially attributed to not many courses starting you out of the gate with a difficult hole. It also could be because the alcohol hasn't taken effect yet.
smepple says:
I know personally I am more apt to hit a 3-wood or long iron off the first tee to get it in play at the start of my round. Not sure how others play, but that may be a contributing factor to these numbers.

Interesting stuff - I really like it when you guys present some of the aggregated data like this. Thanks!
woobwoob says:
I've caught myself a few times hitting a much more cautious drive on the 1st hole just to get my game off on a positive note, as opposed to a normal bomber. I don't always do that, but it has occurred.
Kickntrue says:
I guess the real test now is- do we score better on 1, 10 and 18? If so, cautious and hitting fairway matters. If not- it's all fluff.
bdimaranan says:
The concentration level is maybe at peak on the first tee.
frechett79 says:
I think it's cause the 1st, the 10th and the 18th or often a long par 4 or par 5.
onedollarwed says:
1st tee is the place for the flub which just trickles over the Red Tee Box and into the short grass
falcon50driver says:
Does that include Mulligans?
matt2312 says:
How does this factor in par 3s? Do you have to hit the green for a 'fairway hit'. If so, that would explain holes 1, 9, 10, and 18 because they are almost never par 3s (I would suspect par 3s have much lower fairway hits if you have to be on the green).
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I can believe it. More often than not I'll hit the first couple of fairways and miss the a whole bunch in between. Not sure why.
mantajim says:
Mulligans explain #1. #18 is explained by the fact that "The golf gods' have a sense of humor and want you to come back so they can humiliate you once again.
mantajim says:
matt2312, par 3's don't count in the fairway hits% only in the GIR%. But you may have a point because there are few par 3's on holes #1, #10, #18.
klangdon says:
par 3 holes are ignored when calculating fairway %
player says:
par 3 holes dont count and yeah so much 4 first tee jitters
player says:
par 3s on holes 1 10 and 18 are rare
player says:
par 3s at the start and end of each 9 ane rare but they do exist
Spinj says:
It may have to do with folks takeing 2 off the 1st...Not that I would ever do that, only if I happen to start on number 1....
player says:
oobgolf thought that #17 would be the highest but its actually the 2nd lowest. why? 4 simple phrases: par 3 17th, dufferistic golfing, heavy crosswinds, and 17th tee jitters
Caleb Bragg says:
I would say that it would have to be hole # 1 because practically the whole thing is fairway.
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