Male vs Female Short Game Stats
By Kickntrue on 10/31/07
Earlier this year we posted an article that claims men have better short games than women. (ReadItHere) The beauty of oobgolf is that we have over 19000 rounds of data to see if this is true.


Male putts per round: 34.87
Female putts per round: 36.63

Males are better at putting. It doesn't seem like there would be a good reason that they are but this is what the data shows.

Of course it's important to realize this is just putts per round, so you could argue that women hit more greens and have longer putts while males have more chips and pitches with more one putts.

Which leads us to...

Greens In Regulation

male gir:
par 3: 28.8%
par 4: 25.8%
par 5: 36.5%
total: 28.6%

par 3: 21.7%
par 4: 8.7%
par 5: 9.1%
total: 11.9%

Wow! Really not even close.


Female fairways: 63.1%
Male fairways: 48.4%

As a last bit of data- we thought we'd throw in Fairway %. Interestingly enough, it seems men try to be more macho off the tee and go for the longer-is-better tee shot and forgo hitting fairways.


So does this mean males have better short games than females? Maybe, but not for sure. While the stats from our data show that men may be better, just remember what Mark Twain popularized, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Completely unrelated... it's an easy quote to transition to golf. There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and the kind of lies that require the Tree Surgeon Golf Club.

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klangdon says:
I know this guy who yells, "Hit it with your purse, ALICE!", everytime someone putts the ball short. I guess there is some truth to that...
ronphoto says:
Shots to the green (score on a hole less the number of putts) seems to me to be the best indicator of how well a person actually plays. Good players miss putts, and some mediocre players have good chip-and-pitch games that leave shorter putts to make.

When I look at pros play -- both men AND women -- I see that they are far superior to my game in three areas: iron approach play, lag putting, and driver distance. And they are better than me most significantly in that order.
rhysm says:
Any look at handicap comparisons though? If the sample of females is drastically worse than the male sample, the results will be horribly biased.

You'd need something like 100 golfers, 50 men, 50 women, all within 5 handicap index (so all from 15-20 cap, or 5-10, etc).
Tim Horan says:
Here is an interesting one - taking our three loops at Wildwood (Surrey)and from observation only my wife with her distance can only ever hope to make between 26 -29% GIR overall but on the par threes it is 53% (one of which she just cannot reach)on par fours it is 17% and on par fives it is 18%. My wife's handicap is 25 and I would say that from 50-60yds out she is better at chipping than I am but her putting lets her down. I would say that her average putts per round would be between 36 and 42.
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