December 1
By Kickntrue on 12/1/07
Payne Stewart wins only one hole, but it is enough to win the Skins Game. He sunk a short birdie putt on number 14, to win 8 skins and $260,000, the most ever won on a single hole.

Jack Nicklaus wins the Walt Disney World Open for the 3rd straight time and pushes his career earnings over $2 million, the first person in history to do so. This win also caps off a season of 7 vitories for Nicklaus and he is named Player of the Year.

Barb Mucha, was born on this day. Barb won 5 LPGA Tour titles in the 1990's.

Lee Trevino, winner of 6 major championships was born on this day.

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falcon50driver says:
One time I suck a putt for a vitory
Kickntrue says:
2 days in a row Jess. You're killing me!!

That said- at least I can fix my mistakes- you'll be forever known for sucking a putt for "vitory"
falcon50driver says:
Sink,Sank,Sunk, was a good article...keep up the great work...glad he got's on now big guy
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