Watch Out For Deliverymen
By mustang6560 on 9/29/11
How much would you guess a set of stolen golf clubs would go for on the black market?

The answer? 80 ecstasy pills.

Matt Bryant, the Atlanta Falcons veteran placekicker, had his golf clubs stolen last week by a Chinese food delivery guy and the "alleged" burglar turned around and traded Matt's golf clubs for 80 ecstasy bills.
Kristian Vail, 22, of Flowery Branch, was arrested and charged with stealing the bag of clubs, valued at more than $3,000, from the open garage at Bryant's home on Sept. 16.

"He went into the open garage, took the clubs, delivered the food and went on his way," said Braselton Police Assistant Chief Lou Solis. Vail, who was arrested on Sept. 22, faces felony burglary charges.
I know you can trade in your golf clubs at major retail outlets for cash, but I wasn't aware you could trade in your sticks for drugs. Luckily for Matt, the police were able to recover all but three of his clubs, one of which ended up in hands of local club owner who agreed to return the club. Is it me or are all club owners a little bit sketchy? It seems like stolen items always turn up in the hands of a club owner. I mean, when's the last time you bought a golf club from a drug dealer? Or better yet, when's the last time you bought anything from a drug dealer?

Word of warning, if someone approaches you trying to sell you a golf club off the street, it's probably stolen. Don't waste your money by buying it because you're probably going to have to give it back.

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photo by familymwr

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homermania says:
On an unrelated note, I have some great stereo equipment for very low prices. Meet me at the van out back.
jrbizzle says:
I've been approached for the "they mistakenly put these extra speakers on my delivery truck" game three times, each about 8 years apart. Still makes me laugh every time.
bkuehn1952 says:
MJKern44 says:
Jrbizzle - it's funny you say that because that happened to my Dad and the dope bought them...They actaully work but he bought them because "they are so advanced, they aren't out on the market yet". It makes me laugh everytime I'm at his place...
Banker85 says:
80 pills, he got a good deal. I only buy drugs from drug dealers.
crowdan says:
Sorry for the side note, but please get rid of the ads the I have to "close" before I can click on anything. I know they make you more money (which im all for), but they are really annoying!!
mustang6560 says:
@crowdan- Done.
crowdan says:
Thanks! : )
legitimatebeef says:
What surprises me about this story is a Chinese delivery guy with a name like Kristian Vail.
Matt F says:
Must have been the latest and greatest clubs with full customisation for $3k.
Kurt the Knife says:
80 shots of ecs for 3k? Inflation hits everywhere. Usually 5-10/hit around here.
kid got robbed.

oh, wait.
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