Long Drive Champion To Play Nationwide Event
By mustang6560 on 9/15/11
Jamie Sadlowski might be the only golfer on the planet who can out drive the likes of Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson and Gary Woodland, who are some of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour.

The two-time Re/Max World Long Drive champion ('08 and '09) is known for his distance, but how's his accuracy? Short game? And putting? Well, I guess we'll find out quickly as Jamie is set to tee it up on the Nationwide Tour starting today at the Albertsons Boise Open in Idaho.
"It'll be interesting," said Sadlowski, whose firepower is such that he can't hit driver on some of the shorter par 4s at Boise's Hillcrest C.C. "I haven't really played competitive golf since I was 16."
My prediction? Missed cut.

Being able to hit the ball a country mile on the driving range when accuracy is not an issue is one thing. But competitive golf is a completely different beast, let alone tournament golf. Accuracy, course management, staying calm are much more important.

That being said, I hope Jamie doesn't play too conservative and let's it rip on the course. There are 11 par 4s at Hillcrest Country Club that are "driveable" for Jamie and I would love to see him drive at least four of them. He could easily break the course record (61) if he manages to card a couple 2s on the par fours.

Stay tuned.

Albertsons Boise Open Leaderboard

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photo via JamieSadlowski.net

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mjaber says:
I remember a story about him playing a practice round with Bubba Watson- or maybe it was a pro-am, I really don't remember- and Bubba said that he had some game. He was outdriving Bubba by 30+ on every hole, if I remember correctly.
birdieXris says:
We'll see what happens. I'm pretty anxious myself after hearing about this. In the adams commercial he's hitting 7 iron 230 yards. as inflated as that probably was, he still most likely won't even have to get the driver out other than to hit driver 8 iron into the par 5s.
Kickntrue says:
you're so negative. more than half the field will "Miss Cut" because that's what happens. Of course someone playing their first competitive event in 7 years will probably miss the cut. Be a little more bold... like "miss cut, but drive 3 par 4's" or "will hit less than 8 iron into 3 par 5's"
joe jones says:
Who cares what happens . It will still be something to watch.
Banker85 says:
I say made cut. Accuracy does come into play in the Driving contests. They have to keep it in the scoring zone which is like a fairway.
mattshaver says:
i'll be watching, that's for sure. i'd love to see him try and drive every par 4 (at least where it would be feasible...)
SD Charlie says:
Just saw this post and clicked on the leaderboard link. Even par through 2 holes, with an up-and-down. Average driving distance is "only" 369 yards!

Remember, many tour pros (even the big hitters) say that they only swing at 75-80% of max effort, in order to maintain their accuracy.
mmontisano says:
dude drove a 350 yard pard 4 with a hybrid. crazy!
birdieXris says:
-3 through 2 rounds. I like his chances. :)
TeT says:
Made cut, skin of the teeth but made it...
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